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  1. @Steel Cojones hope you're getting enough rest! I will always find a hidden buiscuit anywhere
  2. Wonderful view in Days Gone
  3. Attention everyone! All animals got away from the zoo to wish @Substanz a happy birthday! Have a wonderful day my love ♥♥♥
  4. Hi, Account Gen#0002 is not banned on our Discord server. Could you show a message you get?
  5. These classic point-and-click games are now free on Steam. This offer ends tomorrow https://store.steampowered.com/app/46500/Syberia/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/46510/Syberia_II/
  6. Let's wish @Call911 a very happy birthday! May this special day be full of gifts and smiles And for yellow admin there is a yellow cake: Best wishes
  7. Happy birthday! May all the good things that you wish for happen
  8. Happy Birthday, @Steel Cojones! Wish you to spend a wonderful day and eat a lot of delicious burgers. Here's your special cake:
  9. Hi there, I see that you're back to the servers after your afk period. Are you still interested in joining us?
  10. While watching your gameplay I already kept in mind that you could've had settings that allow you to see clear through smoke. Giving this fact, I also add few times where you missed an enemy and was spraying a place with a dead body (probably the dot was still on the radar?). However, there are still a couple of moments when your aim snaps way too fast in my opinion... but the video isn't evident enough to prove you hacking. You can play on our servers again.
  11. He uploaded the video. I leave it here for admins to watch
  12. Hello, The admin who banned you will upload the video but it'll take some time. Thanks for your patience.
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