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  1. The Steam Autumn sale has ended recently, but the next major event is coming! On December 22, The Steam Winter sale 2022 will begin. Just in a couple of weeks thousands of awesome games will be greatly discounted. Alongside with that, we can also expect a special holiday badge, new points shop items and other bonuses. If you're looking to buy games cheaper, you should also consider checking sites listed on allkeyshop.com. You will find good deals on Kinguin, Gamesplanet, HRK, Gamivo, Eneba and other websites. Christmas sale is the most awaited event for many Steam users, as this
  2. All fans of Resident Evil series and survival horrors in general have been waiting for this remake for quite some time. The game will be released in few months and it looks awesome! See it by yourself in the trailer below: Improvements Comparing to original title, Resident Evil 4 brings us enhanced graphics and better character designs. The gameplay will also be a bit different from the classic horror game, making it more modern and smooth. The inventory and crafting menu have also been improved, and the ambiance is looking more creepy and dark than before.
  3. Many of you got the game on good discount. I thought it might be a nice opportunity to play together from time to time. Are you interested? P.S. In order to unlock the 'create a party' option you need to progress a bit in solo. It's not much, just a couple of races.
  4. Let's wish @Substanz a great birthday! May all what your wish for come true as soon as possible. Much love ♥♥♥
  5. Best wishes for your birthday @Call911! Have a great time and enjoy your special 911 cake
  6. We wish you a wonderful birthday @MasterYI! Have a great time and enjoy your gifts Best wishes to you!
  7. Let's wish @Supra. a very happy birthday! May all your dreams become true. Enjoy this special moment with friends and relatives! Best wishes!
  8. Have a great birthday @Teddy! May all of your wishes come true
  9. We wish you to have a wonderful birthday @Razer! Enjoy your special day with cake and gifts
  10. Best wishes for your birthday @FiNMikeZz! Enjoy this special day and your cake
  11. Happy belated birthday @Foxy<3! Hope you had a nice day ♥
  12. We wish you to have an amazing birthday @Scrappydoo! May your life be full of wonderful moments and joy. Enjoy your special day and your cake
  13. Have a wonderful birthday, @QuickBreakdown! Wish you success and happiness for the years to come My little friend also wants to congratulate you:
  14. Hehe the 1st applicant from ark server! :D Good luck and stay active!
  15. JillyJill


    Welcome to our forum, SlyOkami! Enjoy your stay :)
  16. Okay, I found it. Thank you for your unwavering patience; we had some technical issues to fix. You were not banned actually, only automatically kicked by the system: I believe it's a security measure that shouldn't be deactivated, so I would suggest using a different name, without special characters or font. Regards,
  17. Hi everyone! It's been a while since we had any event and it's time to bring them back. To simplify the procedure, we've given all members and admins the permission to create the events on our Discord server. You're welcome to invite us to play any game, take screenshots and record videos! Hopefully the new discord feature will allow us to discover various games and have fun together. The next event on Halo Infinite (free-to-play) will start on April 30, 18:30 (UTC+0). You can see all information by following this link https://discord.gg/D2jnAqj9?event=968410099737583696
  18. Hello, We are investigating, but you're actually able to connect and play on the server as I see?
  19. May all your dreams and wishes come true @Doge! Hope you're spending a wonderful day Happy Birthday!
  20. Actually, noName's anniversary was yesterday but I guess the life was busy for all of us :D Thanks to your efforts our servers grow and prosper every day. Let's make the best of this year and continue to develop our community! Happy Birthday nN!
  21. We're wishing you a very happy birthday @Roohansama! Have fun on this wonderful day, and may all of your dreams come true! Here's your special cake
  22. Let's wish @Dettie an awesome birthday! May your special day be full of smiles, warmth and joy. Here is your traditional dino cake :D
  23. We wish you a very Happy Birthday @Brasil_66! May your life be full of memorable and warm moments. I hope you'll enjoy every moment of this special day with your family and friends. All best wishes to you!
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