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  1. Thank you everyone for the good wishes!
  2. Welcome aboard! Cachapa is one of our helpers on the Rust server. Cya around mate.
  3. Welcome to NoName Rust Server! Having a limited-PVP, non-KOS (Kill on sight) allows you to farm without the worry of being randomly killed while still packing a lot of the fast-paced Rust action. Here you can choose whether you want to fight or not, however, bear in mind that you CAN kill, and you WILL be killed in certain circumstances. Below, you will find all the rules and mechanics of the server. Rules 1. Limited PVP means that PVP is only allowed under certain circumstances. Those are as follows: 1.A) On Card Puzzle Monuments - Across the map, you will b
  4. Nope. Did you know pasta is actually NOT from Italy? But originally from China and Improved/shaped the way we know it in Italy?
  5. Hey there mate! Few recommendations on here: Try going for a Ryzen instead of an Intel. You will get more out of your money this way Also, if you can wait a few months until 3000 series are available I would do that. However, if you need the computer ASAP. Go for a mid tier 2000 series instead of entry level. Trust me, I also bought a 2060 and I regret not getting the 2070. It's not that much expensive but it's a much better bang to performance choice. Also keep in mind that by going with a last gen i7 you will kinda bottleneck your GPU. You can get a 5th gen Ryzen 5 and it will both b
  6. I bought it for $487, so I think I will be able to sell it for around 400 and then get a 3070. However, I actually don't see it as too much of a trouble as it will bottleneck my cpu. Besides, this system has run everything I've thrown at it @ultra settings so far.
  7. Sorry to bump. But I want to shot myself on the head over RTX 3xxx release
  8. You got me!! I am so far :) Yeh man, it sucks. Budget gaming only exists on countries on which you don't have to pay extra for getting the parts.
  9. Lol, I've been trying out Fallout 4, it turns out that this GPU is "Too new" or "Too overpowered" and the game won't recognize it and set the settings to minimum. Anyone has a way around this? Actually the issue is not that it lowers the graphics, as I can set them up again, the issue is that it is enabling VSYNC at half instead of full, therefore, I'm getting locked at 30 FPS. Any way of turning VSYNC Off or setting it to full to get 60 FPS? It's the Steam version BTW, already reinstalled, also check integrity after reinstall
  10. Wanted to spend a few more bucks that the ones I had initially on my budget to get something that would last at least 3 years
  11. Hey there guys! As some of you already know, I've been AFK for a loooong time now. The reason for this is that I didn't have a PC, and buying gaming hardware here in Colombia (As in any other Latin American country) is really hard. Just to place things into perspective, a mid tier gaming PC is around USD$1000. Minimum wage here is around USD$250 a month. Also, bear in mind that we need to pay for import fees and nationalization taxes, therefore, a part that is sold at USD$300 at the US, actually costs around USD$400 to the end buyer, therefore, buying a mid tier USD$1000 could actually be w
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