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  2. Happy Birthday brother! May Allah bless you with success in this life and the after. Ameen Enjoy your cake.
  3. Thank you both ♥ I am grateful I stuck around and that I still have yet more days to spend with this good family
  4. Happy Birthday my lad ♥ Enjoy and have fun !
  5. Happy Birthday, @Ali Zain! We wish you all successes in life and never ending joy May all your dreams come true!
  6. I just checked and it works fine for me. What's the current language you have installed?
  7. says "The system cannot find the file specified" after typing english. Help please! Thanks in advance!
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  9. New Year just began, and of course we are excited for many upcoming games. Horror fans get a special vibe since three noteworthy remakes will be released one after the other. Dead Space The original game still stands the ground to this day. We can say without a shadow of doubt that it has aged well and can easily compete with many modern horrors. The remake will be even more impressive thanks to enhanced graphics and several gameplay adjustments, such as flying in zero-gravity setting. More than that, Isaac Clarke will be fully voiced to make the game even more immers
  10. i saw you Mr ARI ;) Come to me to tell about you ^^

  11. JillyJill we have a hacker in Crossfire HC Player Youtube-jOt Multihack

    can u help us

  12. Happy New Year to everyone ! May 2023 bring you, all, happiness and prosperity. Much Love ♥
  13. New Year is approaching, and I'm sure that every one of you is looking forward to celebrate this special time with your family and relatives. Maybe you are an active member of noName, or an old timer who went away for so long but came back to say hello, or you're not returned yet but keep reminding the time spent in our community, here is a message to you: Every name that once shined here, every effort and every game we played together, this all matters and remains in our hearts! May the upcoming year bring you a plenty of wonderful moments and everything y
  14. Happy B-Day JJ! May all your wishes come true!
  15. Happy Birthday JJ! Enjoy your special day ^^
  16. Happy Birthday my queen JJ ♥ Wish you a great and beautiful day, full of gifts and love Join me all to wish her an Happy Birthday Much love ♥♥♥
  17. Happy birthday! :baloons:

  18. The Steam Autumn sale has ended recently, but the next major event is coming! On December 22, The Steam Winter sale 2022 will begin. Just in a couple of weeks thousands of awesome games will be greatly discounted. Alongside with that, we can also expect a special holiday badge, new points shop items and other bonuses. If you're looking to buy games cheaper, you should also consider checking sites listed on allkeyshop.com. You will find good deals on Kinguin, Gamesplanet, HRK, Gamivo, Eneba and other websites. Christmas sale is the most awaited event for many Steam users, as this
  19. will there be a patch like this for singleplayer?
  20. Happy Birthday Mr Legend !


    1. JillyJill


      Happy belated birthday! Wish you all the happiness

  21. Happy Birthday Mr Pao ♥

  22. sdasdadasd

    1. Substanz


      i can confirm that these 4 letters are working well on your keyboard ;)

  23. One of the most immersive, scarring and atmospheric games i've ever played ! Looks like the absolute required game to own !
  24. All fans of Resident Evil series and survival horrors in general have been waiting for this remake for quite some time. The game will be released in few months and it looks awesome! See it by yourself in the trailer below: Improvements Comparing to original title, Resident Evil 4 brings us enhanced graphics and better character designs. The gameplay will also be a bit different from the classic horror game, making it more modern and smooth. The inventory and crafting menu have also been improved, and the ambiance is looking more creepy and dark than before.
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