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  3. Happy Birthday mate! Have a good one ^^
  4. Happy Birthday mate ! Enjoy your special day the fulliest ♥
  5. Best wishes for your birthday @Call911! Have a great time and enjoy your special 911 cake
  6. Happy Birthday Djole ! Have a nice one and enjoy ;)

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  8. We wish you a wonderful birthday @MasterYI! Have a great time and enjoy your gifts Best wishes to you!
  9. Hi there, We're glad to announce you the birth of a new nN| 7 days to die server : Enjoy and pls SURVIVE ! Cheers Substanz
  10. Happy Birthday my old lad ♥

  11. Happy Birthday Mr Cojones ♥

    1. JillyJill


      Happy belated birthday!

  12. Let's wish @Supra. a very happy birthday! May all your dreams become true. Enjoy this special moment with friends and relatives! Best wishes!
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  14. So, Ubisoft revealed their future plans for assassin's creed franchise. Assassin's creed mirage is the Last one which will be like the old Assassin's creed style, it won't be an RPG more like a linear action game. It was originally supposed to be a DLC for Valhalla but they made it into a standalone game, that's also why it will be a smaller game with only one city (Baghdad) and a smaller map. Assassin's Creed Mirage Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2022 - YouTube Summary of Ubisoft forward: 1: Valhalla DLC 2: Assassin's creed mirage
  15. Thank you :) & nice Teddy cake :D
  16. Abit to late , but have a happy one mate :)
  17. Have a great birthday @Teddy! May all of your wishes come true
  18. Best wishes for your birthday @Teddy ! Enjoy your special day with lot of cakes and gifts ! ♥ ♥ ♥
  19. Thanks for the birthday wishes. And yes, getting too old way too quickly. Getting close to 10 years now since I've been apart of this.
  20. Happy Birthday my very very old guy now ^^ Enjoy and Have fun ♥ !
  21. We wish you to have a wonderful birthday @Razer! Enjoy your special day with cake and gifts
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