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  2. Nubby Nub, happy belated bday, Hope you had a great one! Cheers
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  4. Hello, Since some time Minecraft 1.17 has been released. On 19/6, Paper (https://papermc.io) has released it's server. We are still waiting for all authors to update their plugins to the latest MC version. Because our server runs a total of 45 plugins and 3 maps, it's no easy or fast job to update to the last version. We faced the same delay with the 1.16 release. Thus, we ask some of your patience. This way we can make sure that all maps stay functional and nothing gets broken. There have also been plenty of suggestions on Discord. Some large ones like economy will have to
  5. Happy Birthday my @Scrappydoo Hope you're all fine and will enjoy this special day. Make it loud and fun :)
  6. Have a great birthday, @Scrappydoo! Enjoy this special moment with your friends and relatives Best wishes
  7. Ej een late gelukkige hé ;) A happy late b-day ;)
  8. Happy b-day QB, Enjoy your day and best wishes!
  9. Happy Birthday my loved penguin ♥ Enjoy your special day the fulliest. Wish you a fresh and icy day ^^
  10. happy birthday man , hope have great year ahead of you
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @QuickBreakdown Have a good one. @JillyJillyou made that cake? looks awesome owo
  12. A very happy birthday to you, @QuickBreakdown! Wish you all success and may your dreams come true. Here's your special cake
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  14. Hint: 1*x-y=2 2*x-y=5 etc
  15. Maintenance completed, lets us know if you encounter any issues
  16. Easy one for you ^^ (spelling how many numbers you see) Your turn ♥
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