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  2. THQ Nordic celebrates anniversary and gives away these 2 games: Titan Quest https://store.steampowered.com/app/475150/Titan_Quest_Anniversary_Edition/ Jagged Alliance https://store.steampowered.com/app/283270/Jagged_Alliance_1_Gold_Edition/ Offer ends on September 23rd.
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  4. Im not sure what is already known about it, but I heard the anniv edition is only going to affect everything but the pc version. Not sure if that is still up to date. Because the ''dlcs'' are just mods for pc, so maybe they make a pc game for it too. But I wonder then would they do bugfixes you think?
  5. same here :D but waiting 2 months is a pretty long time. i wish there was information about savegame compatibilty :(
  6. Lol I was actually thinking about installing it again a couple days ago. Suddenly got really in the mood to play through it.
  7. Heyhey, so on the 10th anniversary on 11.11.21 a new versino of Skyrim will be released. It contains over 500 "DLCs" from the creation club. It is possible to upgrade the Special Edition for a cheaper price than buy that version. After all the years i want to play skyrim again anyway so this has a good timing :D But i doubt they add the coop mod :( Are you guys excited too and going to try this version?
  8. Happy belated birthday buddy, best wishes! :)
  9. Earlier
  10. Feeling bummed ssd has died, new m2 1tb 970 evo on its way 😋

  11. thank you thank you :) yummi teddy cake :D
  12. Happy birthday @Teddy Make it fun and party hard ♥
  13. Have a great birthday, @Teddy! May your day be full of nice surprises and gifts you were wishing for. Enjoy your special cake: Best wishes
  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes my dudes.
  15. Welcome to the forums :D
  16. Very happy birthday! Spend a wonderful day
  17. Let's wish @Razer a very happy birthday! Spend a wonderful time and enjoy your gifts Happy Birthday my old lad ♥
  18. Blitz


    Welcome to the Forums!
  19. I figured it's only fair that I introduce myself here. Hello everyone, name is Lt.Firebird. I've been playing COD4 off and on for around 10 years or so. I mainly stick to either Crossfire or Broadcast in TDM, but I'm hoping to get some more free time to start playing the other game modes.
  20. As mentionned on this thread already, we're lacking of more evidences about clear wallhack here. For this reason : @Lt.Firebird You are able to play again on our servers. Be aware that you will be under strict control by our side ! As you're lucky, i think you will find the way. @Brasil_66 Just few more clear shots next time pls ;) Over Substanz
  21. I was spectating u before I started with recording......and I saw a lots of "very suspitious" shots....and then I started with recording: 00:02 following the target and kill through the wall ( if there is only spraying, you would keep spraying, but u were not)...that was not spraying, that kill was very precise 00:05 following the target again through the wall, but the target was too far for killing through the wall.....then moving right and when the target showed up (near Bus)...KILL and last very distant kill.....so precise with one shot ??? Eveybody knows that the
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