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  2. Yeah, years of watching build videos i mostly knew what i had to do. Tho my hands were shaking a bit at the start as this was my first expensive (atleast for me) build. First time i read a manual xD. Graphics card seems like will take some months atleast as i gotta save the money i have left for my page www.facebook.com/Techrpk cuz i started a side business online, computers and gym are my passion and hobby so why not xD.
  3. Those were my favorites :( They both didnt qualify, so sad :(
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  5. WE WANT TO SEE PERFS ^^ Assembling/mounting is always very instructive when you're beginning with at each problem, a solution ^^ isn't it ? Let us know further on your way ♥
  6. Fixed the ram today. Also the cooler is sideways because it pushed against the ram if anyone wondering xD Now just need to score a decent graphics card and im good to go play warzone
  7. Also ran into a problem also, as you can see the ram rgb is out of sync. I can't seem to control it through armory crate or other software , did a bit of googling but can't find the solution.
  8. Got busy with some exams and was also waiting for the cpu to arrive. Built it yesterday and did the wire management today ( it wasn't easy :3 ) Final product in the picture. Alhamdulillah <3
  9. Okay, I found it. Thank you for your unwavering patience; we had some technical issues to fix. You were not banned actually, only automatically kicked by the system: I believe it's a security measure that shouldn't be deactivated, so I would suggest using a different name, without special characters or font. Regards,
  10. Hi everyone! It's been a while since we had any event and it's time to bring them back. To simplify the procedure, we've given all members and admins the permission to create the events on our Discord server. You're welcome to invite us to play any game, take screenshots and record videos! Hopefully the new discord feature will allow us to discover various games and have fun together. The next event on Halo Infinite (free-to-play) will start on April 30, 18:30 (UTC+0). You can see all information by following this link https://discord.gg/D2jnAqj9?event=968410099737583696
  11. I'am able to play on a second profile, not on my main.
  12. Hello, We are investigating, but you're actually able to connect and play on the server as I see?
  13. Your GUID : 2310346616782485148 Nickname when you were banned : 𝓈𝑒𝓀𝓉𝒸𝒽𝓎 Admin who banned you : System/Rcon Why you were banned : "The admin has given no reason" Why you think this ban should be lifted : I got banned for special font in my nickname so i think that i did nothing wrong, did I?
  14. @Kumiit's only a 1 day tempban, correctly given by our admin, regarding our server's rules... Stay calm and go ahead ! Next time, i will enter deeper into the party ;) @Foxy<3 gg ;) CLOSED
  15. Happy birthday Tino ! Hope you're all fine and life is going good for you ♥

  16. @Gen @JillyJill Thankyou all for your wishing me a happy birthday I had a great day! I wish everyone at nN the best in my inactivity
  17. What? I change my nick from "Kumi" some 1 month ago. I dont know why is it still Kumi but what ever.... If you believe in your eyes, then you shoud buy some glasses. I dont understand why you ban someone who clicks slower than casual minecraft pvp server player, but you propably know better.... If you want, i can record the different between fast clicking than double click macro. BTW Who uses scrolling these days? What a shame......
  18. Hai hai Your name when you was banned wasnt Gen.Denaturov It was "Kumi" You was banned by Butterfly (Me) Since its tempban i wont provide video proof of scrollfire, and since its scrollfire theres no reason for me to record, eventho i did. I believe in my eyes so i hope you wont do it again because there was scrolling. Have a nice day/night.
  19. Your GUID : 2310346614179324904 Nickname when you were banned : Gen. Denaturov Admin who banned you : System/Rcon Why you were banned : Scrollfire Why you think this ban should be lifted : i didn't use scroll script. I don't care about this one day ban, but if this ban made a server script, then it's broken.
  20. omfg didn"t hear a song from Europe since the final countdown ! tyvm for this flashback ^^
  21. yeah i think 2025 is when windows 10 ends, the build is windows 11 proof i think 🤔
  22. This still looks very decent. Remember tho that it needs to be Windows 11 proof right. As win 10 closes in about 5 years I believe?
  23. This is my new pc build thread. I will post updates here. Hey guys, I am currently building my new gaming pc. Didn't think I would be able to build one at the start of 2022 but here I am, Here are the specs finalized CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix b450-F Gaming ii CPU Cooler: Deepcool l240 v2 PSU: XPG Core Reactor 750watt Case: Lian li lancool ii mesh rgb black type c version Ram: V-color Prism pro 32 GB 3600mhz CL18 (with dummy kit) GPU: Gtx 950 2GB xD
  24. Its only March and temperature is 37C here with scorching heat. man i wanna cry 

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      i can mail u some colder air np :dog3:

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      Global shipping is most expensive right now xD

  25. Happy birthday! better late than never whoops
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