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  1. hm im in, will have to download the game with my slow internet.
  2. Happy Birthday Substanz !! Have a good one ^^
  3. Happy Birthday mate! Have a good one ^^
  4. So, Ubisoft revealed their future plans for assassin's creed franchise. Assassin's creed mirage is the Last one which will be like the old Assassin's creed style, it won't be an RPG more like a linear action game. It was originally supposed to be a DLC for Valhalla but they made it into a standalone game, that's also why it will be a smaller game with only one city (Baghdad) and a smaller map. Assassin's Creed Mirage Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2022 - YouTube Summary of Ubisoft forward: 1: Valhalla DLC 2: Assassin's creed mirage
  5. Im late, hope you also had a good one Foxxy
  6. missed ur birthday , hope you had a good one mikez
  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your day ^^
  8. Country's situation and economy is down the hill.

    I'm busy with final exams. 3 exams left

    1. Substanz


      Good luck buddy ! Rock on !

  9. Yeah, years of watching build videos i mostly knew what i had to do. Tho my hands were shaking a bit at the start as this was my first expensive (atleast for me) build. First time i read a manual xD. Graphics card seems like will take some months atleast as i gotta save the money i have left for my page www.facebook.com/Techrpk cuz i started a side business online, computers and gym are my passion and hobby so why not xD.
  10. Fixed the ram today. Also the cooler is sideways because it pushed against the ram if anyone wondering xD Now just need to score a decent graphics card and im good to go play warzone
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