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  1. Happy Birthday Supra.!

  2. slowly.. everything going boring.

  3. Happy birthday LADY ♥ a day full of gifts and happeness :D ~nN-JJ FTW :D

  4. These walls are disappearing♥ And I don't seem to care♥♥ It gets larger, and larger.

  5. Happy Birthday Supra.!

    1. Supra.


      Thanks Boss♥

      (sorry for beeing late, my net was offline for days....)

  6. from late bight to late night i well check the forum, sorry but another year of architecture . sorry guys :)

    1. JillyJill
    2. Supra.


      i'll ♥ , last year before deploma x)


  7. cleaning my blood every monday =| , that hurts :'(...

  8. sorry for beeing late , :( HappyB-D bro with all ur wishes and dreams on
  9. well , i dunno how to say that but , i've been in hospital since last tuesday, from eyes of the dr. i can see something dangerous in my health (nothing apparent out side of my budy) so , mum and dad know what happenes but they wont tell me :( , i'm so scared of what that "microbe" will do to mu buddy :( .... #dont cry if i passed away , ive been always love nN♥ all of u guys. [pray for me , thanks and sorry)

  10. its been a while i'm not online , but just excuse moi :D , school/exams, ramadan... not even free to take a breath. (Sorry nN♥) -i'll be very active when i finish my exams

    1. Finny


      Take the time u need, we're here :)

    2. FiNMikeZz


      Like Finny said no need to rush on life stuff, we are still here :)

  11. I ban foxy reason "Sooooo kind"
  12. i ban every nN member cuz they make me obsessed to the forum :drink1:
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