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  1. Hi team, There's a common fault in GRID that means that most of you will probably be locked to '1280 x n' pixels. This is because GRID has a built in graphics restriction based on your video cards memory. So if your card doesn't have much memory, it will automatically restrict your game to a lower resolution so that you get smooth gameplay. Obviously though, this game is old. So the fault is that it doesn't know how to detect the memory of new graphics cards and because of this it sets the graphics memory to its lowest default setting.
  2. Happy Birthday Scruffs!

  3. Happy Birthday Scruffs!

  4. Happy Birthday Scruffs!

  5. happy birthday bro!

  6. Happy Birthday Scruffs!

  7. I'VE FINALLY GOT WIFI. CAPS ARE APPROPRIATE. See you online tonight 😂

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      Welcome Scruffs :DD

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  8. I'VE FINALLY GOT WIFI. CAPS ARE APPROPRIATE. See you online tonight 😂

  9. The telescope FOV and console movement makes me feel queasy to watch. The visuals look sweet but this doesn't take me back to CoD2/WaW. This wasn't what I was expecting at all. Battalion is going to blow this out of the water in my opinion. When I come to call of duty I want an arcade high-pace twitch shooter where I can strafe around corners and own noobs. Not a realistic battlefield 1 clone. Activision, please stop making these slow paced console driven games and make a call of duty game. (I am actually triggered at watching the movement in this trailer. Why would you fill it wit
  10. The only thing I like about the heli are those sweet moments when you bat it out of the sky with an RPG :^)
  11. Hey Roohan. Welcome to the forums! Nice to see you on Cross :) -sxruffs/humanz
  12. I was saying this to Doge the other day. Yeah 100% add killcams to Crossfire! I don't mind on Killhouse because it is so small But crossfire, yes please.
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