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  1. @[email protected]@JillyJill Thankyou for the wishes guys! I'm doing well, just working hard. Miss the old days, hope everyone is well!
  2. Happy Birthday Doge!

    1. Doge



  3. Happy Birthday Doge!

  4. Happy birthday NoName! 5 years already!! I feel old having first met you guys in 2013-2014... Here is to all the memories and to many more years!!
  5. Just a quick message to say I'm doing well in my inactivity and wish you guys the best too!

  6. Hi everyone, I've been planning to share this for a while so here it is! Hope you enjoy! Thankyou.
  7. The japanese are the best car maker in my opinion. I would recommend a small, petrol hatchback. I would avoid the cars you suggested as the reliabilty can be questionable and repairs possibly expensive.
  8. Thankyou everyone who viewed and gave feedback on my two new videos! I have a few more planned for the future!

    1. QuickBreakdown


      battle royale on blops 4 ? i like those. would watch longer ones too, unedited

    2. DUbs


      We dont play blackout anymore sadly :(

  9. Hi everyone! It's been a little while since I posted, I'm doing well and I hope everyone is good too! Here is a short video of me and @DUbs playing both CoD4 and CoD:WWII. I want to get back into making and sharing YouTube videos here. Hope you enjoy. Thanks!
  10. Just a short video production of me and @DUbs playing Black Ops IIII Blackout Battle Royal! We didn't play for very long, but it was nice to try a new game mode. I think we both prefer regular, older CoD games... Thanks for watching!
  11. Happy Birthday Doge!

  12. Today marks 4 years since the creation of our team! I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone here for your efforts on our servers and forum. I wish you all the best, here's to many more years! Happy nN|anniversary!
  13. Happy birthday! Hope you had a good day!
  14. Going to try and make some youtube videos soon so you can see what me & Dubs have been up to!

    1. Neko Master

      Neko Master

      Good luck mates ♥


    2. Doge


      Thanks man, just some silly gaming videos!

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