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  1. hey yall, just wanted to say im back~ Been traveling the world in the last 2 years and then came back to israel to the war in reserve duty, started uni now so i got out of reserve duty and uh , yeah , just thought id hop on to say hello to yall :)
  2. Happy birthday mate :D

  3. https://prnt.sc/1zy8223 Just a small tip - if anyone plans on buying this battlefield, best buy it from the origin store. the Ultimate edition turned out to be less money than the gold edition on steam. for some reason i couldnt add the picture to the thread
  4. Not playing too much atm, looking for a game to keep me busy lol, cant find the one to do so :X
  5. Hey guys, dont know which of you remember me or not, but here i am again, i guess. I've already introduced myself back in the day, life's been happening and ive kinda stopped being on here alot, but always been hopping on to see whats up with the best family online. So yeah, I'm back, this time im not planning on leaving (Done my school and my army so yeah, im free :) ) So, Hi again, glad to be back.
  6. never forgotten that's my motto ;)

    1. Ray


      You actually remember me? lmao , missed ya guys. congratz on the wedding mate. just saw it,

  7. Happy Birthday Ray ★!

  8. Happy birthday ray

  9. Happy Birthday Ray ★!

  10. Happy Birthday Ray ★!

  11. Congrats to the best family on the internet :) Proud to be a part of the family, even if im not as active lately ;) ♥♥♥
  12. Happy Bday JJ !! ♥♥♥
  13. It Doesn't matter which rank we are! We are the only family on the internet! we are always number 1 ! Congratz to well, All of us! Would love getting that game, I've been debating on buying it and then saw this post, lmao!
  14. Hey everyone , The steam summer sale will start in 4 hours ! (at the time im writing this post...) This is the hottest sale of the year (kinda like the xmas one), Go and check out some games ! For the exact time until the sale starts : http://whenisthenextsteamsale.com/Have fun !
  15. Sure, hit me up , im using a DLC unlocker tho so we will have to disable kicking ,lol. Already done some Mayhem heists as a dou ;)
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