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  1. Lol I was actually thinking about installing it again a couple days ago. Suddenly got really in the mood to play through it.
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes my dudes.
  3. I've just been spanked by the virus. Everybody wear your masks and take care of yourselves.

    1. Substanz


      Stay safe and recover fast, you're stronger than this s... ♥


    2. JillyJill


      Oh damn wish you a fast recovery!

    3. Foxy<3


      Fast recover,take care

  4. Man, I remember when you were still in your 30s (very late 30s, but still). Time really does fly. Happy birthday, I hope you can still enjoy it in these rather strange times.
  5. I appreciate all the birthday wishes. I received a nice suprise party from friends, which obviously involves a significant amount of alcohol, so I'm ready for a good night's sleep.
  6. Happy Birthday Razer!

  7. I suppose I'll mix it up a little.
  8. I should probably keep my mouth shut as I have not fulfilled my duties in a long ass time and shouldn't really have a say in this, but I really have to say, this post is so unnecessasy. You can simply post in the rookie's broth, state your motivation which you have made clear in this post, and from there remind people of the rules and post ban requests when required. You'll be chosen eventually if you have the skills and motivation. This is really not to shit all over you, just some advice. This post feels almost as if a promotion has to happen right now.
  9. Well WoW Classic is already out. The next game that I can't wait for (been already waiting for years) is Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. It was announced back in 2012, but early access is coming in March. 8 years for a game so I expect a lot from it, especially after having played Warband extensively.
  10. Happy Birthday Razer!

  11. I went back to school btw. Studying to become a history teacher instead of programming.

    1. Puddingsbane


      Find a middle ground and teach history about computers :)

    2. JillyJill


      Teaching is great, good luck on your goal!

  12. This band sounds almost better live.
  13. Mount and Blade: Bannerlord Early Access coming March 2020. I get to play it without fear of dying of old age.

    1. Puddingsbane


      That's where you're wrong mate, the year is 2133 and we're already dead. This is all a simulation and Bannerlord just exited Beta access

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