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  1. THQ Nordic celebrates anniversary and gives away these 2 games: Titan Quest https://store.steampowered.com/app/475150/Titan_Quest_Anniversary_Edition/ Jagged Alliance https://store.steampowered.com/app/283270/Jagged_Alliance_1_Gold_Edition/ Offer ends on September 23rd.
  2. Have a great birthday, @Teddy! May your day be full of nice surprises and gifts you were wishing for. Enjoy your special cake: Best wishes
  3. Very happy birthday! Spend a wonderful day
  4. Hello, Admin who banned you will upload his proof, stay tuned
  5. Townscaper has left early access recently and it got my attention, so I wanted to share with you some beautiful screenshots I found on steam. There is no management, just building; yet the game looks amazing and it costs only 5 euros.
  6. JillyJill


    Welcome to the forums @Dexter Feel free to ask if you have any questions Enjoy your stay!
  7. Admin who banned you is a busy at the moment. He will reply a bit later. Thank you for the patience
  8. Thanks Jilly Jill for the help. How do I best make video for this, through discord or just desktop application?

    1. Dexter


      Already found out, thanks no worries

  9. Hi, Thanks for reporting a cheater. I moved your topic to the correct section (ban request) and would like to encourage you to record a video or demo next time. If admins are not online your proof will help us to ban a hacker later. Regards
  10. You can play Battlefield V for free this weekend https://store.steampowered.com/app/1238810/Battlefield_V/ It's also just 5,99€ on Steam but you can find an Origin key for less than 1€
  11. Hitman GOTY and Hitman 2 Gold Edition are now available in this brand new bundle, featuring several stealth games. Just 10,22€ for the whole pack! This offer ends in two weeks. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/best-of-stealth-bundle
  12. Happy belated birthday @Chasey! Hope you're doing fine
  13. JillyJill


    Looks good, too bad it's not on steam
  14. Enjoy your very special day, @FiNMikeZz! May it be full of fun, good surprises and gifts Happy birthday!
  15. Have the happiest of happy birthdays, @Foxy<3! I wish you to spend a wonderful day and enjoy a great year ahead May your dreams come true!
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