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  1. Have a great birthday, @Scrappydoo! Enjoy this special moment with your friends and relatives Best wishes
  2. A very happy birthday to you, @QuickBreakdown! Wish you all success and may your dreams come true. Here's your special cake
  3. Hint: 1*x-y=2 2*x-y=5 etc
  4. Hello, You were originally banned back in 2018, but somehow it got deactivated allowing you to come back on the server. I re-banned you today because of that. Don't think we still have the demo from 2018 and I didn't take mine so I unbanned you already. We will check how/why it happened. In any case, sorry for inconvenience. Another admin will take a final decision. Regards
  5. That is unfortunate. I just saw the game is unavailable in several countries. Looks like there is no workaround; afaik using VPN is not allowed.
  6. Frostpunk is my favorite game and I'm glad to know that more people will be able to play it (even though I don't like EGS...) If you need a tip, just drop me a message. And feel free to share your progression!
  7. Tell Me Why is an episodic game where your choices will lead to certain consequences. Released less than a year ago, this title from creators of Life is Strange is now free for grabs on Steam until July. P.S. I was interested by this game since a while now but most likely won't have an opportunity to try it. I would appreciate your feedback if you'll play it ♥
  8. Happy Birthday @Pepe! On this special day, we wish you the best that life has to offer. Enjoy it to the fullest
  9. @Brasil_66 that's correct! First triangle: (5-2)*3=9 Same logic for the rest.
  10. Let me use my super powers... Roohan!
  11. SOLVED Click on the spoiler below to reveal the correct answer.
  12. Happy Birthday, @Badass! May the year to follow be full of joy and unforgettable moments. Wish you all success!
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