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  1. I was spectating u before I started with recording......and I saw a lots of "very suspitious" shots....and then I started with recording: 00:02 following the target and kill through the wall ( if there is only spraying, you would keep spraying, but u were not)...that was not spraying, that kill was very precise 00:05 following the target again through the wall, but the target was too far for killing through the wall.....then moving right and when the target showed up (near Bus)...KILL and last very distant kill.....so precise with one shot ??? Eveybody knows that the
  2. I wasn't an admin that accused u for camping...I came later...and recorded this.... Sorry 4 no audio on clip..had a problem with audio recording https://youtu.be/GPyNzSnkcNQ
  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!
  4. Banned in the game! Thx! Please NO MUSIC in the clip next time please!
  5. Subz ur the next then!
  6. I am watching you and your game regularely on our server and you were never “so good” and precise and with that score ratio like on this two clips....!?! What happened then before...?.....hacks off?....or simply not so “obviously” very lucky? You know that UAV has delay?!
  7. 1. Clip 00:08 00:26 00:56 3:28......and others wallbangings too lucky I think https://youtu.be/zQ5MSEHHkes 2.Clip 00:24 00:28 00:37 ???....I'm not so lucky by wallbanging and I'm using UAV alot! https://youtu.be/pppZ7f8PD9w
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