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  1. Happy belated birthday buddy, best wishes! :)
  2. Call911


    Welcome to the forum sir, Enjoy your stay!
  3. Good luck on your application bud! :))
  4. Happy birthday fox foxy foooxynio :D Enjoy your day and may your wishes comes true! :
  5. Happy belated b-day my friend, Hope you had a great one! Cheers!
  6. Nubby Nub, happy belated bday, Hope you had a great one! Cheers
  7. Happy b-day QB, Enjoy your day and best wishes!
  8. Too many precise shots. I wouldn't call that a luck. Nothing more to add it's all been said. Let's see what decision our reds will make.
  9. Be patient until the @Brasil_66provide his proof. Stay tuned. Kind regards.
  10. Happy b-day buddy, Enjoy your day to the fullest and best wishes!
  11. Happy b-day buddy, Have a great one and best wishes!
  12. Happy b-day Runneh! Have a great one and best wishes!
  13. Call911

    Ban appeal

    No hack involved here, ak with silencer have less recoil so it looks like no recoil. In this video ak have recoil. Kind regards!
  14. Happy belated birthday ma'am. Hope you had a good one!
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