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  1. Between 3:00 and 3:20 minuets into the video. I failed to notice that he called in an air raid, so when he was shooting at the tire and getting hit marks it didn't make sense at the time. My mistake. Sorry. But on the bright side, at least I finally got bandi cam to work so I can get the video's to the right place. :D I'll work on the choppy playback, although its smooth on my end. ;) Cheers!
  2. Player Name : Pro Player ID (If known) : Reason: Obvious hack being used Date and Time : 04/24/2021 apox 6:55 pm cst US Server Name : nN| Crossfire TDM HC | https://youtu.be/zo3uG_dzddY
  3. @JillyJillLOL! ... I'm outa words. Time to visit the master again, then I'll BAN him for letting me outside the Hogwarts for too long.
  4. "The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem"  (Jack Sparrow)

  5. I Ban this Ban section for being Banned upon discrete Banning of not being Banned...OR...Un-Banned as it may seem. Even tho nothing's not what it isn't supposed to seem it isn't? ... or is it?
  6. Cold rainy days like these help us to appreciate the warm sunny days.  ;)

  7. If I were to be admin...Id ban all of ya...Because Science! ;) Oh wait...that really didn't make sense, did it. :/ :D
  8. So far...So Good. :D

  9. Happy Birthday Hardwire!

  10. The Damn-demic is cramping my style...

    1. Hardwire


      ...But it's all good, so far. Still lovin life even with the changes. ;)

    2. QuickBreakdown


      better be safe than sorry !

  11. Happy Birthday Substanz!! Hope you had a great Day !!
  12. Hey Arden. Welcome! :D
  13. Looking for a new vision...

  14. Beer...plain and simple...and pizza...and french onion dip...drooool.

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    2. Vishant


      Your tummy's gonna popup...


    3. Hardwire


      Tummy popped up. A diet ensued. Lost 10 pounds. Back to normal. So does this mean I can start back up with the Beer, Pizza and French Onion dip? ... I think NOT. ;)


  15. Hope...Hope and Will Power...just gotta stay Strong. We will Beat this.

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