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  1. Happy birthday @Teddy Make it fun and party hard ♥
  2. Let's wish @Razer a very happy birthday! Spend a wonderful time and enjoy your gifts Happy Birthday my old lad ♥
  3. As mentionned on this thread already, we're lacking of more evidences about clear wallhack here. For this reason : @Lt.Firebird You are able to play again on our servers. Be aware that you will be under strict control by our side ! As you're lucky, i think you will find the way. @Brasil_66 Just few more clear shots next time pls ;) Over Substanz
  4. I'll be out of country from 5-19 septembet while my application to become a member is still in progress, I joined gametracker and steam and have discord allready, I introduced myselve in the forum, and now just building up a bit in your forums, so Ill nee more time I gues, hope thats ok?

    1. Substanz


      Hey Dexter, sure, thx for warning me about your absence ^^

      No worries, we will continue when you're back !

      Take care and see you soon

    2. Dexter
  5. @INGA You've been caught many times breaking rule #2 and #4 that you should know, regarding the time spent on our servers. Here the link, if you need a reminder : https://noname.zone/index.php?/topic/5653-nn-serverss-rules/&tab=comments#comment-11569 As you own already a 1 day tempban for rule 2, the following tempban has been applied : 7 days tempban I would suggest you to calm down in game, and just have fun without spam or bad language. Hope you will understand ;)
  6. Hey @Dexter Welcome to our forum and good luck for your application. I invite you to check this post : https://noname.zone/index.php?/topic/5254-nn-guidelines-for-recruitment/ it will help the progression of your application ;) Feel free t o ask if you do have questions or simply need help cya
  7. bit late but still in the raw ^^ Happy birthday mate ! Hope you'll enjoy it the fulliest ♥
  8. Happy birthday my Lady Foxy ! Enjoy your special day. Wish it, full of joy, gifts and love.
  9. Joyeux anniversaire vieille bique ;)

  10. Happy Birthday my @Scrappydoo Hope you're all fine and will enjoy this special day. Make it loud and fun :)
  11. Happy Birthday my loved penguin ♥ Enjoy your special day the fulliest. Wish you a fresh and icy day ^^
  12. Easy one for you ^^ (spelling how many numbers you see) Your turn ♥
  13. 1 11 21 1211 111221 312211 ?
  14. 4 square = 1 star = 3
  15. You will remain banned from our servers. Evidences are clear and loud. Over
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