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  1. Happy birthday! :baloons:

  2. Joyeux anniversaire vieille bique ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Acea!

    1. Substanz


      j'espère que çà roule pour toi mon vieux pote ;)

  4. Acea

    Hobs WH

    Player Name : Hobs Player ID (If known) : Reason: WH Date and Time : Server Name : Nuke sniper
  5. Happy Birthday Acea!

  6. Acea


    Well, you can store that in a simple var using std::string but what's the point? + Google is your friend for programming. All questions have been asked and answered.
  7. Why do you use system("pause")? You should use indentation for cleaner code.
  8. CS:GO is now free to play and has a BR mode *throws up*

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    2. Evinrude


      Hmm.. I have prime and bought it for like 5 euros from steam. I guess thats good then, cause I tried to play it in like 10 different servers last night and everywhere there were hackers.

    3. Badass


      the prime is no longer connected to your phone with this new update or am I mistaken


    4. Evinrude


      I dont think I have ever entered there my phone number, so i guess you are correct, Sir.

  9. Joyeux anniversaire !

    1. Substanz


      merci mon poussin ♥

  10. Salut Mysta, Nice to see you ;)
  11. Happy Birthday Acea!

  12. Well my right eye is dominant and the left handed model didn't change my level + In reality your weapon is on the right if your right eye is the dominant one.
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