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  1. Thanks for the answer, of course, when I install and test it, I will share my impressions :) Regards Inga
  2. Hi, I have a question about COD MW3, is anyone playing it? Is it comparable to COD4 MW? Of course multiplayer .... I have more and more problems with my pc and I have a macbook pro and I could install MW3 and part with pc completely. I have a huge fondness for COD4, I've been playing it since the beginning, but I still have problems with the stability of the game, I'm not very familiar with computers, I'm a girl who fixes cars and doesn't install props :(... recently I lost my binds, classes, even my nick changed, I also don't have favorite ervers, although there are
  3. Hello , Someone banned me on a temporary . I don't know what it was about but when I entered the server someone insulted me and called me noob, when I started to win I asked if he would laugh now? and I was banned :( Please unblock me, I have been playing this server for many years and I have never had this before: (((( Its not nice do stuf like this. I dont know witch admin was so funny.....for Me it is not nice:( Thank You and gterings Inga
  4. INGA

    HELLO :)

    Thank you fro kind welcome :)
  5. INGA

    HELLO :)

    Hello , My name is Inga, I come from Iceland, but I have been living in Poland for 2 years, unfortunately, unfortunately because I do not want to be here, but I have to because it is time to close legal affairs after my deceased mother ... I've been playing with you for a while already and time may meet you not only on crossfire. I am an Internet noob, typical blonde. But I think I play cod without complexes and am having fun.
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