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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Legend !


    1. JillyJill


      Happy belated birthday! Wish you all the happiness

  2. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I´m sorry for the late response. Life has me busy but im all good :) Warms an old mans heart to read this thread. /L27
  3. Happy Birthday Thelegend27!

  4. It looks sketchy meanwhile id like to see some more gameplay. Some prefire wallbanging indicates thats there is no wallhack but the later ones do, the deagleshot could be a lag thing for sure but also really looks like no recoil. A more leanghty clip would really help. /L27
  5. Teraria is great, then there is Minecraft. lego world and a bunch of indie titles on steam.
  6. Thanks you guys :) Getting younger each year :)
  7. Happy Birthday Thelegend27!

  8. Thats great news for us that dont care about skins or cosmetics at all.
  9. Hello, welcome to our forums. Feel free to ask me anything if you have questions. /L27
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