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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Cojones ! Have a good time and enjoy your favourite burger ^^

    1. JillyJill


      Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day :baloons:

  2. Happy Birthday my old ladz ♥

    Enjoy your special day !

    1. Razer


      Thanks my dude. Old lad is right. 2 More months marks 10 years since I created my original account, before noname started.

    2. Substanz


      Just epic ^^ ♥

    3. JillyJill


      Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day :baloons:

  3. Happy Birthday Mike ♥ !

    Spend a wonderful day, full of gifts ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs Foxy ♥

  5. Congratulations and Welcome to the nN| Family @Fluk3 Play fair, stay active and make us proud of you ;) Enjoy your stay ♥
  6. Good luck on your application Adam ;) After few days we'll make an internal vote among our community members for your acceptance ! Will be surely positive ^^ ♥
  7. Substanz


    Hello @Fluk3 Welcome to our forum ! Feel free to ask one of our staff members if you do have questions or simply need help. Enjoy your stay and have fun on our ark server ;)
  8. Happy Birthday Mister ;)

    1. JillyJill


      Very happy birthday! :nnbday:



      Thank you both :-)

  9. Happy Birthday Mr Scrappy ♥

    1. JillyJill


      Happy belated birthday Scrappy! :baloons: Hope you're doing well

  10. https://discord.com/channels/326705819137867777/704993374674878536/1119500989947465790 P.s : thx for the post @Brasil_66 ♥
  11. Happy birthday :P

  12. Happy birthday my old lad ;)

  13. Happy birthday mate :D

  14. @INGAJust created a noName MW3 server, if you wanna try ;)
  15. Hello INGA, MW3 is a good game if you liked the MW serie, you will enjoy this one too. The campaign starts where MW2 one finished. The game approaches the conflict from two different angles: urban warfare, experienced by a team of elite American soldiers, and the hunt for Makarov, initiated by the renegades of Task Force 141, led by Captain Price. This aspect is also greatly taken up in the Special Operations, and in the multiplayer mode which takes up the theaters of operations of the scenario. Players must fight on the streets of the biggest cities in the world like New Y
  16. saw you buddy ;)

  17. Happy Birthday Sir Roohan ♥ Enjoy your special day the fulliest ;)
  18. Have a nice one buddy ! Congratz ♥
  19. Happy Birthday Mr Brasil ♥ Have a great time on partying with your relatives Enjoy !
  20. Happy Birthday my lad ♥ Enjoy and have fun !
  21. i saw you Mr ARI ;) Come to me to tell about you ^^

  22. Happy New Year to everyone ! May 2023 bring you, all, happiness and prosperity. Much Love ♥
  23. Happy Birthday my queen JJ ♥ Wish you a great and beautiful day, full of gifts and love Join me all to wish her an Happy Birthday Much love ♥♥♥
  24. Happy Birthday Mr Legend !


    1. JillyJill


      Happy belated birthday! Wish you all the happiness

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