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  1. Happy Birthday RELAPSZR!

  2. Happy Birthday RELAPSZR!

  3. Thanks everyone and the whole no name community! That means alot for me :)! Greetz, Relapszr
  4. Happy Birthday RELAPSZR!

  5. Thanks @ all! :) That means alot for me!Greetz, RELAPSZR
  6. Happy Birthday RELAPSZR!

  7. Welcome! :)Enjoy your stay! Greetz, RELAPSZR
  8. Hi! :D Uhm... well some people might don't know me so I want to introduce myself here.I'm RELAPSZR, 21 years old, from Germay, mostly play on nN|Crossfire Server :)I'm (ex) Promod player (CB, Cybergamer, Tournaments,...) I play CoD4 since I'm 12 years old (lol :D) I learned Bricklayer and also studying physics and maths. I know this introduction is very short but hope you guys like it :P If you guys have questions about me feel free to ask me Greetz, RELAPSZR
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