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  1. "I regret it now though" famous last words.. but I can vouch for him I was there <3
  2. http://noname.izephyrs.co.uk/nncache.png !!!!WARNING THIS WILL REMOVE ALL OF YOUR PREVIOUS FAVORITES ONLY DO THIS IF YOU WANT ONLY OUR SERVERS IN YOUR COD4 FAVORITES!!!! This is a simple download and allows you to have all of our servers in your COD4 favorites with a few simple steps - Make sure COD4 is CLOSED! 1) Download the Servercache.DAT file from my website here --> iZephyrs UK noName Files 2) You will want to Copy / Paste the file from where ever you saved it to one of these two locations: For Windows 8/8.1 Navigate to C:UsersUSERNAMEOFPCHEREAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgra
  3. iZephyrs

    nN| Facebook

    Much hatred such insults, Wow
  4. SO the title is "Random Flash Thingy" so I am going to take it upon my self to introduce you to my very own slice of the Weird side of the internet. For more visit http://flash.izephyrs.co.uk/
  5. Nope Zeph here Joker next
  6. I ban Ghoul for trying to look cool <3
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