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How did it start?

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Hey guys


noName is full of passionate video game fans with different tastes and preferences. I thought it would be a good idea, and in the process get to know each other better, if we share our stories of how we were introduced to gaming.


Did someone show you a game, got you hooked? Who was that? What was that game? Basically, how did it start?

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It's all started with xmas present from santa:










Had many games on it but can't find pictures of all


And my first PC games were Sims serie and GTA Vice City









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The first game I actually played actively on PC was Runescape back in 2006 up until 2010. Looking back I was pretty addicted but I don't regret my time spent in that game.


Shortly after I started playing Runescape I was gifted a PS2 and started playing games like Black (probably one of the best shooters I have ever played), GTA San Andreas and Splinter Cell. Those were some of my first console games which I absolutely loved.


Little edit: I forgot to mention the first CoD game I played which was also on my PS2. Call of Duty 3.

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My beginnings were on Sinclair ZX Spectrum 1985 and then Commodore 64 1987.....then Gameboy (tetris, cezars palace..etc)


....then with PC era....cca 1999. I started with Tom Clancy's Rainbow six and later Medal of Honour and then  2007. Call of Duty, The Battlefield and Star Wars Jedi Knight (series)


....then back to Call Of Duty with all spinn ofs (Black Opps...etc).


And Now I'm here with u guys    :hug:



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I started playing PC games when I was like 3 or 4 years old. I mostly played games that would actually teach you something for instance, RedCat (mathematics) & Tonka Workshop which came with a set of tools to put on your keyboard: https://www.ebluejay.com/img/account/j/c/JCW91420518/1/3980971_8zsjkmhj.jpg

After that I started playing some racegames because my dad bought a steering wheel for PC (which I still have & still works LOL). He and I were huge fans of Michael Schumacher & Star wars. So we started playing games like F1 2000 and Star wars racer. I later moved on to RCT (with expansions) & action games like  AoE (1 and 2) RA1 and the first 3d rts game Total Annihilation.

After that I got addicted on playing console games in particular Nintendo consoles. All my friends had either N64 and/or Gamecubes, GBA's and later the nintendo DS. So my parents decided to buy a GC, a GBA and later a nintendo DS aswell. 
I moved a little bit back to PC gaming when CoD MW1 came out. Sadly however a computer crash deleted all my progress and stopped me from playing on PC again. 
After MW2 I fully shifted back to PC gaming, MW2 really made me come back to MW1 as I thought MW1 was a way better game. Which is what eventually got me here. 

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well i dont know where to start.

my first game? i dont even remember correctly.I never had a console i didnt even knew there is a thing called console when i was kid.Me and my elder brother used to play games on our pc probably a pentium 3 idk, games i dont even remember the names of, umm like tekken3,snowbros ,

house of the dead

these boses were dope lol i remember we both used to play on one keyboard and there is another game ,a shooter one the only thing i remember is the game shouting RELOAD RELOAD!!!! .i just searched on google here it is




then the token game machines



,there were various game points in town where we used to play on these token play machine type of things.me and my friends used to play motoracer,


gameplay starts at 2:18

,street fighter ,



yes here too,and some others.i remember 1 token was 2 rupees and 3 tokens were 5 rupees .xD THEN i ask my dad to buy me that game machine.and one night around 1pm i woke up dont know y .pretty unusual for me and i saw the lounge room light was on ,and  i saw was my dad setting up that machine.dad was going to surprise us but i spoiled it.

Then i got a new pc. used to play gta vc on it.then after a while my interest in games increased and i searched for games that would run on my ati(amd now) x1100 graphics. i downloaded cod4mw without even knowing that it would run or not,google didnt help. and it did run .this game introduced me to online multiplayer and this game got me here.

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Some awesome replies here. ^^


In my family home, there was always a computer around even when I was born due to my parents' work. When I was little, my father installed an emulator on it and we would both play ROMs of old popular arcade games like Missile Command, Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble (probably my favorite game at the time!). Even though I was little, I got so many memories from back then.







Fast forwarding it, I did play some console games and on various consoles but nothing stood out so much as those games and the times playing them with my father. Then one day I discovered Counter Strike. Source was released 2 years ago or so and the series was getting more and more popular. Many people I knew started playing and I followed suit. That was my introduction to multiplayer games. Then around '08 - '09 I was gifted a copy of CoD4.


Over the years I played many games, singleplayer or multiplayers and of various genres, but I always stuck with the CS franchise and CoD4. Eventually, that got me here too. 

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I see many liked racing games in their youth, cool.


Also, forgot to mention this little gem.



I had a great time playing it on the original Playstation. Anybody knows it or played it?


Had great times with it and not long ago, I picked up some ported entries of the franchise on Steam for the nostalgia. Fun times.

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Ok my turn to describe my start as gamer (not glorious at all, regarding the gfx quality at gaming side start and mainly my advanced age u_u) ^^:


The first game i've played is one of the first made (arcade style) :


PONG (1972)




It was in 1983, when my parents and me, were invited to parent's friends family who owned this game (was only 9 yo)



Later, as my brother was older than me (+16y), i had the chance to enjoy this game on his Texas Instrument TI99/4A (that i still own nowadays and it's still working ^^) :





It was so great and enjoyable to hit the flying saucer successively many times  ! i've spent several hours on this goal :D


Here the ancestral dinosaurus personal computer i'm speaking about :






On the same platform, my brother also got this "Face B" game, on which i spent many hours too :


PARSEC (1981):






The goal was to progress on map, avoiding obstacles and managing fuel reload ^^ amazing :D


At this epoque, i couldn't spend much time on gaming, coz it wasn't so much popular and real life was more dedicated to studies ^^


Anyway my real start as hard gamer, started with these 2 games on sega master system in 1986 :







R-TYPE (1987):



For those who don't know, at this time, there wasn't save option, and when you wanted to finish such game, you had to have a serious patience and skill to reach the final boss ^^ (yes i did it rip my life ^^)


As i read what i wrote, it's difficult for me to do not mention some titles --> Shinobi, Super Mario, Wonderboy, Psycho Fox and many others, my personal collection is pretty long regarding the time i've spent on games, hum around 35 years this year ^^


Long live to Games, a deep part of my Life ♥

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Everything started very long ago when on my birthday I got Sega from my aunt with many cartridges (can't remember them all), but mostly I liked Super Mario and Battle City:





And on PC my first games were GTA Vice City and CS 1.6, after school we went to computer club with friends to play CS.


And when I got own PC, the first game my parrents bought me was Star Wars - Empire at War




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We are explorers in this life... each of us.

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