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  1. I don't see any obvious hack here, in fact it doesn't look like there's any cheat involved. While I'm very certain of the above, I'm not 100% sure. The video is too choppy.
  2. I think we will reach the door. Only that we will do it in infinite amount of moves.
  3. cl_maxpackets, snaps and rate as qbd said are the usual suspects. Their values might be too low, the default values however are not that bad. So, does this happen in every server? Is it consistent? I see the lagometer on your video has some small, probably negligible spikes. Check cl_packetdup and +1 its value, it might help with the overall connection stability as well.
  4. @SubstanzCorrect! The stage is yours!
  5. Helen says: "In two years from now, my age will be twice what it was five years ago." What's Helen's current age? SOLVED Click on the spoiler below to reveal the correct answer.
  6. The result I'm getting at is 33.
  7. @JillyJillCorrect, they're blind! And also husband and wife.
  8. One day at noon, 2 people who have never seen each other meet at the city's center and decide to have lunch together. One of them is the father of the other person's daughter. How is that possible? SOLVED Click on the spoiler below to reveal the correct answer.
  9. 24 if we count the one that encloses all the rest. Else 23.
  10. @Substanz You're correct! I didn't expect that solution also. @Teddy Your reasoning(binary code) while not right, happens to make your execution both completely correct and optimal(lowest number of tosses while 100% fair)! You're both technically correct with both answers having their pros and cons. Apologies, but I can't choose a winner, I leave it up to you.
  11. When there's "luck", "coin" and "probability" in the same context, then yes, it's almost always assumed that there's a coin toss. So you're completely right. :) The above is not a hint though, so I'll provide one below:
  12. A woman needs a new dress and so she enters a store. Upon trying many dresses, she likes 3 of them the most. She can't decide between the 3 and ends up leaving it to luck, so she reaches for her purse and takes out a single coin. Using that coin only, how can she pick a dress randomly while being fair (equal probability for each of the 3 choices)? Good luck! SOLVED Click on the spoiler below to reveal the correct answer.
  13. Answer is 100 (if we assume that the images of green apples in equation 2 & 3 = 2 apples, instead of 1.5).
  14. I fully support collectibles as a concept. It goes to show how much someone has liked a certain game by getting said achievement. However, I don't like that each developer implements this system in their own way. Sometimes it ends up being a great addition to the gameplay and story, other times it results in a glorified annoyance of a feature. I really liked the way Ori and the Blind Forest implemented collectibles. Each one acquired offered a small "power-up" for the character. Their distribution in the map was in such a way that it was easily deductible that X area had something "e
  15. Here's an old one. It was around the time I got accepted as a member I think. Don't really take screenies all that much, never did.
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