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  1. I fully support collectibles as a concept. It goes to show how much someone has liked a certain game by getting said achievement. However, I don't like that each developer implements this system in their own way. Sometimes it ends up being a great addition to the gameplay and story, other times it results in a glorified annoyance of a feature. I really liked the way Ori and the Blind Forest implemented collectibles. Each one acquired offered a small "power-up" for the character. Their distribution in the map was in such a way that it was easily deductible that X area had something "e
  2. Here's an old one. It was around the time I got accepted as a member I think. Don't really take screenies all that much, never did.
  3. Thank you for the report, @killer_4! He got what he deserved now.
  4. Hey people! Some may know/noticed already, but Steam summer sales for 2019 are live for a few hours now. As with every year's sales, the shop is buzzing with many upon many heavy discounts for some really amazing games. It's a great time for many gamers to stock up on games, as well as explore hidden gems that would have been overlooked in any other occasion.. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to recommend those games that you believe everyone should buy and give a try. Even more now that there is an awesome offer to take advantage of! I'm looking forward to everyone's answers and w
  5. Happy Birthday mate! Wishes for a year filled with happiness and joy. May all your plans come true!
  6. Happy Birthday QBD! Enjoy your day and may you have a great year ahead of you!
  7. Congrats on your promo and good luck on your journey as a yellow from now on!
  8. Happy Birthday, ! Best wishes for your day, hope it is filled to the brim with everything that brings you joy!
  9. The non sarcasm version of what Finny said is that a rule needs to pass two conditions (in my opinion): 1) Being intuitive. 2) Easy to enforce. A small and simple rule set is the best anywhere. Rules that even a brand new player will follow instinctively because they're based on regular common sense. Secondly, any rule will fail fast if the admins cannot make sure it is being enforced at any time. It becomes completely useless. A lot of glitches and spots as well as 333 fps are forbidden on Nuke sniper. I can tell you that this rule's enforcement is pretty hard. I cannot even begin to imag
  10. stelthii


    I banned him in-game earlier after seeing the notification on Discord. Thank you anyway for taking the time to report, [member=foxy
  11. Seconding what Scrappy said. When you get inexplicable vsync-like issues it's always one of the three: power mode, win10 shenanigans, gpu driver options. Μα τα Ελληνικά είναι εύκολα και κατανοητά!/s Ορίστε αγαπητέ:
  12. Welcome to the noName forum. Enjoy the time with us and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
  13. Nice to meet you and welcome. If there are any questions let us know. See you on the servers!
  14. stelthii

    help me

    Hello. You've been banned by our admin @Lucifier. However, your ban was issued on January 15th earlier this year which goes against our ban appeal policies. To fellow admins; [email protected]
  15. Thank you for the kind words guys! Hope you all get to have a good day as well. PS; It's really turning out to be an amazing birthday. :)
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