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  1. This still looks very decent. Remember tho that it needs to be Windows 11 proof right. As win 10 closes in about 5 years I believe?
  2. Either Virginia Woolf or Mysterious
  3. Yeah it got some serious negatieve reviews. Tbh it's quite a while since a solid major title has landed without negativity Ofcourse we had the whole platform exclusive debacle a year or 2 back, now we see a lot of remasters and old series being hated on because of generally lack of good quality gameplay. Cyberpunk was horrible, Warcraft 3 reforged, the GTA remasters are also trash and now there is this game. The only recent solid game I can think of is Age of Empires 4, that does kinda okay
  4. Good luck, I still can't forget that wallbang from 2 days ago
  5. My number 11 would have been an elder scrolls game, however I am not sure which. While I liked skyrim very much, I am also very fond of Morrowind and Oblivion, probably just as equally good games
  6. 1 Rocket League It's sports so it never gets boring, soccer and cars combined = win 2 CoD MW1 Do I even need to explain this? 3 Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 This was prob my first game ever played at least on PC, old time classic one 4 Super Smash Bros. Melee I think I might have 4000 hours in this game. It's so insane good, quick and yeah a lot of characters from Nintendo combined in one game. I liked it more than the N64 version, which I also played a lot 5 Mariokart Double Dash I liked it more than the n64 mariokart, and its unique to this day. The maps are awesome,
  7. I am not sure what settings you have, and I am aware that there are fov and specially fullbright settings that let's you see through smokes sometimes per bug.. But It happens about 5? times in this video, and specially the kill at 1:33 has 2 smokes; a fully bloomed smoke and a blooming smoke in front of you, and you still hit the shot? That is not what I would call normal... Anyway a Red Admin will give the final decision.
  8. Overall I think there is just not enough evidence because there are also instances mainly after 1:50 when he spots a lot of targets but they move and he doesn't see that. My fistrule is 3 suspicious kills, and I count 2, maybe 2 and a half... But I 100% understand why you banned for this, that kill on second 8, and on second 30 was just straight up bs. These are almost only explanations for minute 1+, while the 2 most suspicious kills happend in the first 30 seconds. I expect wallbangs to hit like the one on minute 2:00, not first shot first kill like second 9 and 30.
  9. Im not sure what is already known about it, but I heard the anniv edition is only going to affect everything but the pc version. Not sure if that is still up to date. Because the ''dlcs'' are just mods for pc, so maybe they make a pc game for it too. But I wonder then would they do bugfixes you think?
  10. A red admin will give the final decision. I personally think the evidence is somewhat lacking although I find that last kill even if you had UAV very suspicious
  11. This is btw a great deal of bullsh/t. Because your chatlogs stopped from March until July. So ever since your offensive language ''helped others to join/have a great time there' you have not helped anyone because you literally have 0 chatlogs from the period since you used offensive language to now. Aside from the odd twaddle in July only. So please cut the act. Besides that other statement being absolutely false, no wonder admins don't bother to check when you have people like you abusing the notice system. Anyhow, you are free to play on our servers again because the ban was abo
  12. Let me at least explain because I banned him for one day. Yes these chatlogs are from a month of 4 ago. But have you actually read it? I could name about 20 full sentences of him actually talking very very very rude and offensive language. What Dettie showed was only a fraction. Besides that, he also ''noticed' himself for using wallhack, not once, but twice. The day I banned him. And he also did that in the past. Abusing the notice system is not allowed. So the weight of abusing notice system + his somewhat old, but very rude chatlogs made me ban him for one day. Ol
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