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  1. A very famous ditch in a War Thunder map, every time this map is played someone drops down there and is stuck. I came across the ditch and there was a friendly tank on top of a enemy tank
  2. Badass


    A lot of my friends started playing this game. A server wouldnt be a bad idea
  3. Badass

    ban req

    Ugh, these chatlogs hurt my eyes: kids are do anal with you COME I FUCK YOUR GAY ASSHOLE etc. KennyS had multiple previous bans however they are from about a year ago. So both are banned for 1 day. p.s. Sometimes people can type extremely quickly so that some chatlogs might disappear. So I would suggest to even for rule #2 infractions, to make at least a screenshot of the chatlogs that you see in-game that violate this rule (or others like #1, #3 and #4) p.p.s. Normally also, we do one ban request at a time.
  4. Badass

    ban req

    Clear as daylight, nice! CLOSED
  5. Remember the ts3 server is now currently not in the gametracker active! Thanks!
  6. is fallout 76 still plagued by questionable coding? Okay, its bethesda I know, but that game was kinda broken right? And I believe some older fallout's specially 3 didnt run properly anymore on w10, is that also fixed?
  7. I believe its because they are planning to release a new dlc. Anyway, I play TW warhammer 2 alot, so took this opportunity and grabbed this total war game too :)
  8. Fyi, this game updated with cross-platform play. So epicgames users are able to play together with steam users. I can tell, that this game is quite fun! Be aware of the earrape once you startup the game tho (lol)
  9. Happy Birthday Badass!

  10. I am gratefull not only to the nurses and doctors, but to everyone working in the Healthcare specially those that keep an eye out for the ones lonely and old
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