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  1. Happy Birthday Chasey!

  2. Happy Birthday Chasey!

  3. Happy Birthday Chasey!

  4. The LEgend, nice pictures! I want sun too! Ahh the real Tino!! Good old boy. Our horses and dog :)
  5. Happy Birthday Chasey!

  6. Haha nice Tino! :) I have a new toy :)
  7. Our youngest cod player David turned 7 yesterday!
  8. The Alienware laptop always did good job. Its over 6 years old now and it has done a lot of heavyy 3d moddeling work when the laptop was at its first owner. A friend of mine. He does 3d modelling as a job. He GAVE it to me, i didnt have to pay for it. I have had a lot of fun with the laptop the 3 years i have had it. So iam not complaining at all! Its just bad luck the AMD card is broken now. Still the laptop works now, only with the stupid intel card. But i can still use Adobe Premiere and photoshop. I'm gonna safe some money for a new card and i hope i can game on it again. If not... then
  9. I cleaned it, put new (silver) coolpaste and pads, but didnt work. GPU is really broken. Sooo.... time to safe money for a new one......
  10. thanks subs. I'm just going to try :D Iam looking for coolingpasta, they say white, silver, gray etc.. what do i need? And the thermalpads, do i only have to replace the broken ones?
  11. MacBook pro? No! Its a Windowsbook pro now! ;) Much better...
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