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  1. Interesting. when I was messing around with games, bomberman was a funny project as well. Really simple in basis, but you will have to think a bit extra about handling animations and breaking blocks with pickups if you do it from scratch ...
  2. Hi, Minecraft is currently down due to repeated server crashes. It will be investigated this weekend. Thanks for your patience. Regards, nN | Staff
  3. Hello, We have fixed an error in the registration process of our forum that prevented new users from signing up. Please try again if you encountered issues before. Regards nN | Staff
  4. My games have a tendency to float objects in the world Game: Sniper Elite 4
  5. Hello, Some old games can only be played over LAN. There are multiple ways to do this, including GameRanger. However, GameRanger does not support all games, such as COD: WAW. Lets see how to make it work using Hamachi. This tool creates a virtual network you can use to play with your friends, without opening any ports to the outside world. The only downside is that the free version allows a maximum number of 5 people in a single network. You can however, create as many networks as you want. Downloading and installing Hamachi This is really simple, go
  6. Hello everyone, We have migrated our forum to IPS4. Unfortunately the migration was a headache (6 years of data to migrate). Some things aren't working correctly yet. Please bear with us while we sort things out. - Color schemes - Icons and buttons - Emojis Thank you. nN | Staff
  7. Hello, Minecraft server lag has been fixed and the server is back online. There were about 80,000 dropped items: they have all been removed from the saturn world. Please review any of the machines you made. Regards, nN | Staff
  8. Hello, Over the past couple of days we have increased problems coming from the Minecraft server. This appears to be related to Slimefun and possibly the Cargo Networks. To mitigate impact on our other game servers, the gameserver has been temporarily shutdown. Your progress is saved meanwhile. We expect to have the issue resolved by this weekend. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, nN | Staff
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