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  1. Hello, Since some time Minecraft 1.17 has been released. On 19/6, Paper (https://papermc.io) has released it's server. We are still waiting for all authors to update their plugins to the latest MC version. Because our server runs a total of 45 plugins and 3 maps, it's no easy or fast job to update to the last version. We faced the same delay with the 1.16 release. Thus, we ask some of your patience. This way we can make sure that all maps stay functional and nothing gets broken. There have also been plenty of suggestions on Discord. Some large ones like economy will have to
  2. Maintenance completed, lets us know if you encounter any issues
  3. Closed, and let this be a warning if you have changed your ways since then.
  4. Hello, We will have to perform a corrective maintenance on our database installation. The change is planned for June 11th, 18:00 - 19:00 CEST. During this period, you may notice some disruptions on webservices. Regards, nN | Staff
  5. Hey everyone, You can now enable 2FA for your account using this page: https://noname.zone/index.php?/settings/account-security/ Similar to Steam, you will receive a code on your mobile device for new/unauthorized login attempts. Regards, nN | Staff
  6. Roohan isn't a penguin Subz next
  7. Changes today: - Enabled claims in Jupiter nether - Removed Zombie Pigmen from mob-stacking plugin - Added clearlagg plugin to locate laggy chunks more easily
  8. Congratulations to @Dogeand @Roohansama. As part of your efforts, and us reorganizing our structure, you were promoted! For the other Rooke Admins, you have been moved back to the Members group. You can re-apply for admin status at any time. Keep up the good work.
  9. Hello everyone, By popular demand we have added an extra world 'Jupiter'. You can play in this world by typing /warp jupiter. Or type /warp lobby to choose any other world. It has separate progress from other worlds (overworld, nether, end). Other notes: - Updated: CoreProtect plugin to 19.5 - Updated: Jobs plugin to 4.17.1 - Updated: Matrix to 6.1.1 - Updated: StackMobs plugin to 5.5.4 - Updated: WorldEdit plugin to 7.2.5 - Fixed: slimefun config for some items to better balance the economy - Fixed: nether and end portals linked correctly for each isolated world (wor
  10. Hello everyone, We will add an additional world Jupiter to our 1.16 server on Saturday , May 8th. When it's there, you can /warp lobby then walk into the corresponding portal. The old worlds (pluto, saturn) will stay as well for you to play on. Regards, nN | Staff
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