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  1. On behalf of noName staff, we wish you a happy and healthy 2024.
  2. Bonjour, je suis un homme de 86 ans qui ne comprend absolument pas pourquoi il est exclu du jeu CoDMW4 multijoueurs, pour cause de tricherie .

    Comme si à 86 ans j’avais envie de tricher, ce qui est complètement absurde !

  3. Happy birthday :P

  4. After further consideration I will give the benefit of the doubt However, if it gets banned again, the ban will stay
  5. Sorry for delay. I do not believe the story about you purchasing the game 3 days prior to your ban post. Both Echelon and IW4MAdmin shows that your account/GUID is shared between multiple players. Permanently banned for Anticheat detection Strain-1.47@17 The data from IW4MAdmin supports the conclusion that the player who used the account also had no recoil CapturedViewAngles — (172.493, 3.35083, 0), (172.29, 3.15308, 0), (172.515, 3.04321, 0), (172.532, 2.76306, 0), (172.664, 2.47192, 0) CapturedViewAngles — (206.238, 4.96582, 359.7693), (208.463, 5.52063, 0),
  6. On behalf of noName staff, we wish you a happy and healthy 2022.
  7. Escape from Tarkov. Probably the most realistic but also most enraging shooter I've played.
  8. nN| Leading Staff wishes you all a safe and Merry Christmas!
  9. Hi, Server has been updated to v1.18.1. Hope you will enjoy. Regards, nN | Staff
  10. seems like he is playing so closing the topic
  11. COPY/PASTE this format to make your Ban Appeal --------------------------------------------------------- Your GUID : Nickname when you were banned : Admin who banned you : Why you were banned : Why you think this ban should be lifted : ---------------------------------------------------------
  12. Hi everyone, Last night it came to our attention that a 'random' person was kicking people on Crossfire server. Thanks to our admins paying attention, we were quickly able to mitigate any serious damage. It appears that the tool which manages all bans on our server (BigBrotherBot/B3) has gotten some profiles mixed up. It in unsure why this happened, likely due to end of year clean-ups of the database and the large amount of data we stored over the years. The person who got banned earlier, came back under a profile that was tagged with Full Admin privileges ('lvl 40'). I have since
  13. Hello everyone, In collaboration with iw4admin devs, we are glad to announce Server Side Anticheat. This is something we wanted for a long time for different reasons, however it was always difficult to find or develop such working tool ourselves. IW4admin allows us to replace B3 and Echelon in the near future, as well as detect many common hacks automatically with few false positives. It is now active by default on every non-modded CoD4 server. Of course, it does not replace our admins, but will play a great role to supervise when we are not there. During the next couple of days, we
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