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  1. Happy Birthday Chris!

  2. Happy Birthday Chris!

  3. Happy Birthday Chris!

  4. Happy Birthday Chris!

  5. Happy Birthday Chris!

  6. Nice one man! Really nice, I wanted to have that one for a very long time. My new knife is in a trade hold at the moment. (Steamapp keeps logging out on phone, gg Apple) Bayonet - Tiger Tooth (Factory New) <3_<3
  7. Happy Birthday Chris!

  8. Happy B'day buddy, long time ago my friend!
  9. I remember LeNeck using this technique for a long time now! Nice one tho! +1
  10. Chris

    nN| Targets

    What about Hide n Seek ^^ It attracts a lot of people and will spread the name.
  11. My dear friends, I got some Forum Suggestions and notices for u First of all : All Ranks on the Forums are in Plural, except for Rookie Admin. Should be changed to "Rookie Admins" Second I have some suggestions for the Forum, just some addons, maybe a Group Name Indicator which shows the groups at the bottom of the Page. Like this : http://prntscr.com/7hjt9k The IPB Hook to fix the BBcode in Shoutbox, so it automatically sets the Member name in BBCode when clicked on the '@'. Just some ideas, as Substanz said. We all have to think about suggestions and addons!
  12. Another Update, we are running 5 servers now. Promod Sniper FFA Promod SnD Promod Nuketown 24/7 Mario & Luigi (Very popular, over 10 players on it all day) Custom Deathrun 1.3 Rotu Rev. Recently reached 2500 clients on our servers. 122 Registered Users on the Forums. New Recruits and Server Moderators. 6 Weeks old now, and reached a lot of goals!
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