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  1. Thank you all guys <3 I really appreciate this
  2. Hapoy birthday mate! I Hope it was an nice day! Enjoy your cake and a lot of surprises also!
  3. Thanks guys, a little bit busy with study so reply too late Love u all <3
  4. Happy Birthday MrLanc3!

  5. Welcome to forum, wish you luck with your apply. Be active and enjoy your stay
  6. Congratz buddy, welcome to our family! Enjoy your stay and be happy ;)
  7. Happy birthday mate!! Enjoy your day Have fun today, wish you a lot of surprises and smiles
  8. Did you know this rhythm-game? It's named osu! History of this game begins from 2007. Game maked by 1 australian man also known as "peppy" in-game or Dean Herbert IRL. Game started her lifeway from 16 september 2007. So, now we have some competitions for all-around world community, that give to game persmissions to make osu!world cups and others. What about is game? Here is 4 gamemodes : classic, mania, taiko and catch. Basically, you might play classic. So here you will click circles with music rhythm, also here is some sliders (you will pass it when holding your click-key down) and spi
  9. Congratulations, welcome to family bud! ^^
  10. Good luck on your apply mate ^^
  11. Good luck with your apply buddy ^^ Do not forget about our rules and guidelines, and also be active <3
  12. Eh, i have only DiRT sorry <3
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