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Hello players, admins,


We have listened to your feedback and have released a new QBFP (QB-FairPlay) version.

For those that don't know, this is a plugin written by me that encompasses things like anti-team nade, generic tweaks, etc.

In this version, we are bringing you the following:



  • $fov command for changing fov scale (1.0 - 1.125 - 1.25)  (!fov will tell you to use this command)
  • $fps command for toggling fullbright (!fps will tell you to use this command)


  • $msg : invisible, in-game admin-only chat for yellow (= lvl 60) and above 
  • $scr : invisible, in-game player screenshot command.


All the commands are available right now on all of our servers.

If you do run across a server where one of the commands is not available, please let us know.


As always, we will continue to improve your experience. Please keep the suggestions coming!


nN | Staff

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thanks a lot, it was really helpful for me  :banana5:  :bananarock: :banana9:

:hug:  :peng7:

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Human beings are members of a whole

In creation of one essence and soul

If one member is afflicted with pain

Other members uneasy will remain

If you have no sympathy for human pain

The name of human you cannot retain

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