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  1. Hi, We added more plugins to MC Server. - Added DynaTech r132 - Added ElectricSpawners r22 - Added AlchimiaVitae r6 - Added SimpleUtils r10 - Added Souljars r22 - Added ChestTerminal r43 See Addons · Slimefun/Slimefun4 Wiki · GitHub for more details on each Regards, nN | Staff
  2. Deactivated. These chatlogs are from 4 months ago guys .... Let it be a warning anyway to behave
  3. From July 22 until July 29th, you can try MP & Zombies for free with all content https://www.blizzard.com/download/confirmation?platform=windows&product=codbocw
  4. Could be anti virus keeping your PC awake. Any eventvwr logs ?
  5. banned in-game thnx
  6. Hello, Due to command error we had to rollback all worlds to July 4th, 05:00 AM CEST. At the same time, duplicate shopkeepers have been fixed. Going forwards, any commands must be requested through #suggestions on Discord, or here on the forum. Depending on amount of votes it may/may not be executed. Content-wise for the server, we can hand out specific configuration files (eg. shop) to let you help us out quicker. Please let us know if you wish to contribute. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience, nN | Staff
  7. Hello, As part of 1.17 update we added a new world 'Neptune' Due to a plugin bug, you will have to type /rules and accept the rules again after joining. You can switch between all available worlds. - /warp saturn => 1.16 (begin 2021) - /warp jupiter => 1.16 (mid 2021) - /warp neptune => 1.17 (June 2021) Other changes: - /skin command added - Accrued claim blocks per hour adjusted from 300 to 500 - Max accrued claim blocks changed from 50k to 200k Regards, nN | Staff
  8. Hello, Minecraft server has been updated to v1.17. The new world will be added later today. Meanwhile, we also added /skin plugin for use of custom skins. Type /skin help in-game. Regards, nN | Staff
  9. Update 25/6: Broken so far : - Protocolib (essential) - EssentialsX (core of all plugins) - InfinityExpansion - FuffyMachines - TranscendancePlugin Rest is updated but will have to wait for above to be fixed by author. Migrating to 1.17 now will leave the server in usable state. Thanks so much for your patience, and we will also look to add some plugins suggested by you.
  10. Hello, Since some time Minecraft 1.17 has been released. On 19/6, Paper (https://papermc.io) has released it's server. We are still waiting for all authors to update their plugins to the latest MC version. Because our server runs a total of 45 plugins and 3 maps, it's no easy or fast job to update to the last version. We faced the same delay with the 1.16 release. Thus, we ask some of your patience. This way we can make sure that all maps stay functional and nothing gets broken. There have also been plenty of suggestions on Discord. Some large ones like economy will have to
  11. Maintenance completed, lets us know if you encounter any issues
  12. Closed, and let this be a warning if you have changed your ways since then.
  13. Hello, We will have to perform a corrective maintenance on our database installation. The change is planned for June 11th, 18:00 - 19:00 CEST. During this period, you may notice some disruptions on webservices. Regards, nN | Staff
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