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  1. If you're having problems with lag in game and it's not your interent then type these in by opening console: /r_drawSun "0" /r_drawDecals "0" /r_rendererPreference "0" /r_aaAlpha "0" /r_detail "0" /r_picmip "3" /r_picmip_manual "1" /r_picmip_bump "3" /r_picmip_spec "3" /r_distortion "0" /r_dlightlimit "0" /r_fastskin "1" /r_ignorehwgamma "1" /r_ingamevideo "0" /r_mutliGPU "1" /r_outdoor "1" /r_texFilterAnisoMax "1" /r_texFilterMipMode "3" /r_zFeather "0" /cg_brass "0" /cg_blood "0"
  2. How to enable console For most clients, the console is diabled from gaming. All you have to do is go to "Options" - "Multiplayer Options" and change the "Enable Console" to "yes". Then, at any time, you can just hit on the ~ key to open console or shift + ~ to open the full console, it really has no difference also make sure when typing something in consol type / before anything else Clients Commands The commands below helped me a lot here : /com_maxfps 125 This is REALLY important cuz the higher the fps is, the more smoot
  3. Congratz. Welcome to the team bud
  4. Happy Birthday Fives!

  5. Happy Birthday Fives!

  6. Fives

    ban req

    Hmm For me i think i would just warn him by saying "Please watch your language" He seems to be new to the server, I'm not going to ban him , if another admin or higher rank think he deserves it then they may do so
  7. 200+ ping because i live in South Africa Mostly any FPS in cod4 for me Not sure my fav map Max Kills in crossfire can be like 70+ if we talking team death match and on promod probably 20+
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