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  1. Happy Birthday mrki4567!

    1. mrki4567


      Thank you :) I know i haven't been active since i started playing BO Cold War :/

  2. Happy Birthday mrki4567!

    1. mrki4567


      Sorry for a late awnser :/ havent been able to get on the clans site. Tank you verry much. :)

  3. any won heard of the game Ring of Elysium

  4. Haven't been online here for a long time couse of school :/

    1. Finny


      Real life comes first, and school takes its time, no worries!


      Cya :)

  5. Happy Birthday mrki4567!

  6. ill post an vid for more proof and fun xD on yt
  7. what do you think of the best procesor for gtx 1050 ti 4 Gb right now i have ADM athlon quad core 3.7 GHz
  8. normaly it would look beter if u putted your self in a pull up position but :) nice :) gj just go on "prove them wrong"
  9. hahaah its not how you look its all about your mind and your goals if u wish to post something then dont think about what will others will say consider your goals and focus on them and fullfill them how ever you like it :) its not how you look sexy or not xD its about what you think about your body your body is yours only and you are gona shape it as you like ;) so dont underestimate your body couse some told you so. No one can comand you how your body will look or how ur gona shape it so go on post it :)
  10. who would say i got this for just 2 years before and now got so better :)
  11. happy birthday ! get the best day of your life :)
  12. Need some help about cooling in side the pc

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    2. mrki4567


      Pc is haveing stock cooler

    3. mrki4567


      Uper part on top of the grafic card is hotter air then below couse the frafuc card is the lowest component


    4. Puddingsbane


      It's normal for the cards PCB to get hot, that's where the all of mosfets, vrm's and the gpu itself are. mid 40's to 50's is not bad at all temperature wise. older amd and all of intel's stock coolers are garbage so investing something like 30-50 bucks on a cooler is always great and 212 evo has the best bang for your buck and won't break your wallet. you can also play with fan curve in your nvidia control panel for your gpu by cranking up the fans a bit more, the...

  13. hey Any won playing World of Tanks if not check the game now it got pretty good at grafics and if u do lets play together couse i get sometimes bored playing it alone

    1. Puddingsbane


      Sorry but WoT sucks.

    2. mrki4567


      its your opinion :)


    3. Puddingsbane


      Too arcady for me

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