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    cod,girls,food,books,stuff...u dont wana know about...(just kidding im a crouch potato)
  1. Happy Birthday Ghost!

  2. Happy Birthday Ghost!

  3. Happy Birthday Ghost!

  4. get destiny 2 on battle net for free.
  5. LOOK le boucher is there too! sooooo long
  6. bro when did you become a responsible adult member??? you have betrayed me!
  7. dying light is great try it bud
  8. i tried it dint like it gave it back
  9. rust,cod4,ghost recon wildlands
  10. ok lets try again then shall we.....everything except pudding in your comment...dudeeeeee!?!? and i have no idea what pudding is I an Indian,please tell me what it is
  11. damn i like this place i envy you
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