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  1. Happy Birthday Hodarit!

  2. Happy Birthday Hodarit!

  3. Happy Birthday Hodarit!

  4. Just so you don't forget who i am, i have changed my name to "Hodarit" (translated to english, Hot Dog) from "Prinkles" I changed my name because i thought it was a bit outdated because i rarely use "Prinkles" anymore. EDIT# I just came across this which i thought was kind of amazing, +1 year since i took a break? :dazed:
  5. The Usual nN's nN Begins Saving Private nN Bad nN's Dog nN Afternoon
  6. I think my name is pretty self-explanatory :tiredsmile:
  7. If you didn't already know there's going to be coming a snow map too.
  8. Just put a noname logo above that penguin and QuickBreakdown under the penguin
  9. I think it would be really cool if noName would have their own Merch like just some stickers and mugs maybe? Write your opinions!
  10. I'm not gonna lie here but when i was a lot younger my brother had this hack client which he used on his account which i played on too (I'm sorry) I remember something called forcefield which was basically and aimbot with autoclicker so everytime some one walks near you, the guy using the cheats will automatically attack and it will look very fishy (Like you see the guy in the video do constant flick types of attacks) and if you had sound on in the video you can hear a unnatural eating sound which is basically a cheat included in many hack clients which some how makes you eat faster. Now i goo
  11. Lycka till :) Good luck with your application.
  12. Player Name : BLUEFLARE537 Player ID (If known) : Reason: Cheating, use of a hacked client Date and Time : 06-08 ~ 22:00 Server Name : noName Minecraft server Proof
  13. Player Name : xtray95 Player ID (If known) : Reason: Griefing Date and Time : 05-08 (Possibly) Server Name : noName Minecraft server I had gotten some messages from another player on the nN minecraft server regarding a brewing stand that another player had and he hadn't been to a nether fortress and that he may have possible taken it away from me, so i log in to the server and go check in my house underground and what i witness is a tnt like explosion, my brewing stand was gone, so i go to xtray's house to look if he has a brewing stand and he does, and i found a hole which was the way he go
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