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  1. Happy Birthday desert!

  2. Thank you dudes! <3 Hard times here in Italy, but, utill now, that's all right! I have really few time for relax (working, studying, mostly "dadding"...) , but I assure that NoName Heroes are often in my thoughts! See you soon! :)
  3. Happy Birthday desert!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Great target!!! Have a wonderful day, man! d.
  5. Happy Birthday desert!

  6. desert


    I'm here for you if you need Italian translation!
  7. Welcome!!! Se hai bisogno di qualcosa chiedi pure! :)
  8. Well done! Good luck mate! Congrats!!!
  9. Hunting is open! Good job and good luck dudes!
  10. Let's start (again): Registered in computer technology and management degree! :)

    1. PiNK


      congratz! never too late!



  11. Welcome! I love your nickname! :) Enjoy!!
  12. hahahahaha! Scoooby! :) Welcome back! ps: sorry for the late, but you know my reactivity! also with my knife! hahahahah :)))
  13. emh.... late at usual...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!!!!! a real, strong, big hug! :) :)
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