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CoD4 1.8 - Crossfire Spawn Protection

14 April 2018 - 09:15 PM


Parameters for Crossfire spawn protection have been updated.

  • Distance: 125 units -> 200 units
  • Time: 5 seconds -> 10 seconds


We will adjust them again if required.



nN | Staff

CoD4 1.8 - Crossfire Downtime

03 March 2018 - 10:37 AM



As you may have noticed there were some issues with the crossfire server.

Some parameters have now been changed to improve stability. We will continue to monitor the situation.


As always, we will continue to improve your experience on our servers.
nN | Staff

CoD4 1.8 - QBFP v1.9.3

25 January 2018 - 07:45 PM

Rollback to 1.9.2 on 25/01 19:16:00 - damage seems to be completely disabled .... working on a fix

2nd update on 25/01 19:30:00 - problem above is resolved (1.9.3b)


The plugin QB-FairPlay (written by me :)) has been updated to v1.9.3 on all servers. Changes are as follows.

  • Spawn Protection would not disable damage, which kind of defeats the point. This is fixed.
  • Last Stand might not properly kill the player, causing god mode and other related bugs.
    The player is now killed by suicide (which works properly).
  • Bug that caused server to crash every now and then has been fixed (hurray, more up-time).

As always, we will continue to improve your experience on our servers.
nN | Staff

PS. Changes will become available as the servers reload their maps.

Happy New Year 2018

31 December 2017 - 11:45 PM

On behalf of the noName Staff,

Best wishes and may your dreams come true in 2018!


Datacenter outage OVH

09 November 2017 - 04:23 PM

Servers and forum were unreachable this morning due to a problem at OVH (where our forum & server is hosted).

Source: http://travaux.ovh.c...etails&id=28256

Before all the details, two first informations.

This morning we had 2 separate incidents that have nothing to do with each other. The first incident affects our Strasbourg site (SBG) and the 2nd Roubaix (RBX). On SBG we have 3 datacentres in operation and 1 under construction. On RBX, we have 7 datacentres in operation.

On SBG we had an electrical problem. Power has been restored and services are restarting. Some customers are UP and others not yet.
If your service is not yet UP, the recovery time is between 5 minutes and 3-4 hours. Our monitoring system allows us to know which customer is still impacted and we are working to fix them.

We had a problem on the optical network that allows RBX to be connected with the interconnection points we have in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Brussels. The origin of the problem is a software bug on the optical equipment which caused the loss of the configuration and the cut of the connection with our site of RBX. We handed over the backup of the software configuration as soon as we diagnosed the source of the problem and the DC is reachable again. The incident on RBX is closed. With the manufacturer, we are looking for the origin of the software bug and also how to avoid this kind of critical incident.

We are in the process of retrieving the details to provide you with information on the SBG recovery time of all services / clients. Also, we will give all the technical details on the origin of these 2 incidents.

We are sincerely sorry. We have just experienced 2 simultaneous and independent events that impacted all RBX customers between 8:15 am and 10:37 am and all SBG customers between 7:15 am and 11:15 am. We continue to work on clients who are not yet UP at SBG.