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How Did You Get Your Gaming Name

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Since I'm a  metalhead it has to do something with dark stuff, death, murder and other fun things like that. Well for me it all begins with the phrase "the bane of my existance". And Bane derived from Icelandic and old germanic languages means "Death", and I love Pudding. So get those two together and you get "Puddingsbane". Basically an planet sized blob of pudding devouring and crushing everything in its path, it's horrifying and yet so sweet and innocent. Death has never been so sweet :) and my enemies know it :)


                                                                                                                       :nN: GHOST :nN:

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what? you don't love pudding?


pro tip: choose your words wisely

ok lets try again then shall we.....everything except pudding in your comment...dudeeeeee!?!?




and i have no idea what pudding is I an Indian,please tell me what it is

                                                                                                                       :nN: GHOST :nN:

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Old thread but since it's been revived I guess I can jump in.


I had and still use the name Minermanz today since 2007. When I was introduced to ar51 deathrun I chose the name Razer which was in late 2013. I used to have a lot of Razer equipment back then.


I ended up joining the clan in January of 2014 and stuck with that name and still have it today, though I haven't used it for anything else.


Nowadays I often use the name Kalameet in honor of a Dark Souls boss which absolutely destroyed my life when I played it for the first time.

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