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Top 10 best games you've ever played

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1 Rocket League
It's sports so it never gets boring, soccer and cars combined = win

2 CoD MW1
Do I even need to explain this?

3 Rollercoaster Tycoon 1
This was prob my first game ever played at least on PC, old time classic one

4 Super Smash Bros. Melee
I think I might have 4000 hours in this game. It's so insane good, quick and yeah a lot of characters from Nintendo combined in one game. I liked it more than the N64 version, which I also played a lot

5 Mariokart Double Dash
I liked it more than the n64 mariokart, and its unique to this day. The maps are awesome, and sometimes me and my friends still play this game but with a lot of alcohol mixed :p

6 Goldeneye 007 N64
This game I played for hours over at my neighbour. It was extremely fun, and again a classic game.

7 Total Annihilation
I believe its one of the first 3d games ever made? This game is the first game I played which was not considered a kids game. Too bad the publisher went broke. Is a little bit like age of empires

8 GTA San Andreas
I remember that I had this game for ages, illegally. Such an eye-opener. Wide open map with cheats and destruction. God I still love this game.

9 Age of Empires 2
I remember that I had seen AoE 1 over at a familymember for the first time. They were really excited about 1, so after 2 came out I bought and played it. Amazing game.

10 Medieval Total War 2
This game got me in the total war franchise. I love the campaign mechanics. It was way ahead of its time regarding graphics, and to this day, current total war games can't approach the same style of siege mechanics this game had. Yet I plaedy warhammer 1 and 2 a lot. But I would consider Medieval total war 2 better considering its about 10-15 years older.

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1. Witcher 3
Best adventure and exploration time i had. Devs were really creative with story, characters and quests. Spent countless hours.

2. Skyrim
Same like Witcher.

3. Fallout 3
Same like Skyrim. Atmosphere and setting was awesome.

4. The Crew
Was a lot fun to cruising 1 hour just to get from east coast to west coast with the crew.

5. Freelancer
Still one of the best space exploration games with nice story.

6. Mass Effect Trilogy
Awesome story and character development. DId many play throughs since it has different endings.
A story over 3 games where you can import your character from the previous game with all the decisions you have made.

7. Portal 2
Love to solve the riddles with the portal gun. Think outside the box. Great story nice plot. Wish they would make a 3rd game.:(

8. Prototype
Open World Manhatten. One of the best features was to climb on all the skycrappers and the smooth movement around the city.
Also slaying tons of zombies. :D

9. Warcraft 3
Didn't play much official maps and gamemode but a lot costum maps.
Some of my favorites were Hero Line Wars and Legion TD. Actually Legion TD 2 Standalone game left early access on steam 1st Oct 2021.

10. Freespace 2
Awesome space combat with insane effects. Fights felt so intense.

Not sorted by rank.
Still got a copy of all these games in case i want to play them again.

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@Badass Nice list! Even some of the old titles are here. I laughed at your Mariokart quote :D Roohan would surely put Rocket League on the top too!

@Teddy Oh I didn't know that Mass Effect has some choices&consequences. Sounds interesting, might try it out. I somewhat appreciated Prototype 2 more even though it's more negatively rated. Have you played that one?


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And here's my humble list.


1. Frostpunk


I'm simply in love with this game, with its music, art style, hard choices, management system and everything else. And, as I know what it's like to feel frozen, I empathize a lot.


2. State of Decay 2


Wonderful survival game where you build your community in the world overrun by zombies. I like it even more than Dead Island or Dying Light.


3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


It's obvious.


4. This War of Mine


Just like Frostpunk, everything in this game warms my heart.


5. Sniper Elite 4


The best sniper and co-op game I've played. Had a lot of fun clearing every level.


6. The Sims 3


I like the 3rd one the most and could forget the time playing it for hours.


7. Prey


Nice survival game set on the space station. It combines several games together: Space Shock, Half-Life, Bioshock, Deus Ex etc. Wonderful mix.


8. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


I used to love it a lot back in days. Sometimes I would just drive around and do things for fun.


9. Super Mario Bros.


Still remember each level, that's a classic.

10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Normally I'm not into RPG but Skyrim deserves its place on the podium. Large and immersive, this game is just great to discover.

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Can't think of any other game to put on this list.

1. Cod 4 MW

This game introduced me to :zone: and can't put a price on that. Before this game , i didnt even know we could play games with other people over the internet.

2. Rocket league 

I mean who even of thought of this game, playing soccer with cars xD. Its the only game i have been playing now a days. 

3. Gta Sanandreas

Besides all the memes, Had a lot of fun playing multiplayer.

4. Apex legends

Such a unique game. The gameplay, art style is different from other fps games. Sad to see, bad servers and bugs made this game go down the drain.


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