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Discussion: in-game collectibles

Your opinions about in-game collectibles.  

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  1. 1. Do you look for collectibles?

    • Yes, I try to find all of them
    • Yes, but only if I really like the game
    • Yes, if there are not too many of them
    • Yes, if you can find them easily using map or special ability
    • Yes, if they help me to progress or unlock a skill
    • No, I don't look for them
    • Another answer
  2. 2. Do you use guide to find collectibles?

    • Yes, I use guides quite often
    • Yes, but only to find the ones I have missed
    • No, I prefer to find them on my own
    • Another answer
  3. 3. Do you actually read documents or listen to audio files that you find throughout the game?

    • Yes, they help me to understand the story better
    • Yes, from time to time
    • No, I prefer to keep playing
  4. 4. Many games have an achievement for discovering all collectibles. Do you usually unlock it?

    • Yes, quite often
    • Yes, in the game that I enjoy playing
    • Yes, if it doesn't take too much time
    • Yes, if I want to reach 100% of completion
    • No, I don't care about achievements
    • Another answer
  5. 5. After all, do you think that collectibles are really required?

    • Yes, they can keep me playing the game I like and increase my playtime
    • Yes, they add an additional challenge
    • Yes, if they add something to the gameplay
    • No, I think they are mostly useless
    • Another answer

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I fully support collectibles as a concept. It goes to show how much someone has liked a certain game by getting said achievement.

However, I don't like that each developer implements this system in their own way. Sometimes it ends up being a great addition to the gameplay and story, other times it results in a glorified annoyance of a feature.

I really liked the way Ori and the Blind Forest implemented collectibles. Each one acquired offered a small "power-up" for the character. Their distribution in the map was in such a way that it was easily deductible that X area had something "extra" (a collectible or a sealed off shortcut between areas etc). Finding them didn't always mean that you could get it, as some required a to-be-unlocked ability and/or a little puzzle. By the end, I had collected them all and explored the map in its entirety.

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Well said. It's not that simple to find all collectibles, so if you have all of them, it means that you really love the game. And usually less than 5% of players unlock this achievement on a certain game.


At the same time, it takes a lot of work for developers. They need to create those items, place them somewhere, write notes and record audio logs. And if most players don't pay attention to collectibles, it feels as if it was left (almost) unnoticed. I rarely take the time to read in-game documents. And even wonder if there's a person who read all books in Skyrim?..


Personally, I don't like to get this achievement, even though I always pick up collectibles and even look for them. Especially if they don't have a real purpose. It's also a pain if you can't go back or replay a mission and once you get past a checkpoint, you lose an opportunity to find collectibles.


But there is one game where I've found all possible collectibles on my own and I did it with pleasure - Prey. I also enjoyed looking for Mr. Raccoon in Resident Evil 2.


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