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  1. Hey there! It's been a while and I don't think i will ever come back, just wanted to wish you all the best and wanted to tell you I had a great time playing with many of you. I feel like i left like a thief, which is rude since I spent a lot of time here and really enjoyed it. Im glad to see the team is still here, and wish someday we will revive the old cod4 deathrun fire, which was for me one of the best game I ever played, especially the fact we had the time to share with each other, which in my opinion was perfect to build an amazing community. Those good old days really make me nostalgic.
  2. Happy Birthday Rat Zorglub!

  3. Happy Birthday Rat Zorglub!

  4. Happy Birthday Rat Zorglub!

  5. Happy Birthday Rat Zorglub!

  6. Happy Birthday Rat Zorglub!

  7. 7 months later.... Nick : Super Pingouin Server : EU West (sorry kogi) Division : Platinum 2Add me boys <3
  8. Name : nN|Rat Zorglub Guid : 1dda6e92
  9. Happy Birthday Rat Zorglub!

  10. Never heard about you but welcome !
  11. Aw an other toxic player trying to join nN :s Good luck HoVski !
  12. Don't forget to turn off the video after reading the post, I don't want to be responsible of any suicide !
  13. Hey everybody ! BEFORE READING THIS POST, MAKE SURE TO OPEN THIS VIDEO IN BACKGROUND I just make this post to explain what happened to me 5 months ago on ar51, because you can find weird things about me on ar51.eu about guid spoofing, ban evading... I started playing deathrun a loooong time ago, but once, when I tried to connect ar51 deathrun (the only cod4 server on which i played), i was banned. Actually, I had a cracked CD key that i found on a keygen and somebody else (named Achmed) with the same key got banned on an other ar51 server.Instead of just changing of key, I had the amazin
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