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  1. Happy birthday! better late than never whoops
  2. Got myself a Playstation 5 in early 2021 and decided to purchase a few games; Ghost of Tsunami were one of those games. Such an amazing game to play and the graphics are stunning as well. As a first timer on a console it has been great.
  3. There are better players out there! *looks at Subz* but thank you for the compliment. Thank you! See you on the server :)
  4. Those were golden days. If only we could back in time and relive those fun times. Thank you, Jilly! <3
  5. I’ll keep an eye out next time. See you on the server! :)
  6. What's on your mind?


    1. Blitz


      holidays.. wbu? btw glad to see you in team!

  7. Haven't seen much gameplay as of yet, but from what I have seen it is pretty cool. Battlefield 1 is still one of my personal favorites.
  8. Now I am curious to know who you are in-game haha. Thank you all! See you on the servers.
  9. Hello there, how are you doing? An old member returning. Nickname(s) In-game: scaLp and/or Gen. Real name (optional): Niels. Age: I am currently 25 years old. Location (country): I am from The Netherlands. Steam ID: N/A Discord ID: Gen#0002 Games that you play on: Lots of shooters and open-world games. PC and PS5. Which nN server(s) are you playing on ?: Crossfire is my "home" server. How many hours do you play on our servers in average ?: It varies each week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and in the weekends. Why do you want
  10. Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one.
  11. Hello, First of all my apologies for not using the provided format, but as this is not related to any of the CoD4 servers I figured it does not apply. I recently came back to CoD4 after been away for quite some time and stumbled upon an old server I used to play on; this one. I used to be an AR51 member before switching to nN when Subz created the clan together with lots of others. I tried to join the Discord server to get in touch with some old players but found out that I have been banned from the guild. I'd like to appeal even though I do not know the reason why I am banned. My Di
  12. It seems the chinese version of this does not work as only " ..... " dots appear. Are you still planning on releasing a fixed version?
  13. Happy Birthday mate, enjoy your day !
  14. Gen

    Hey there

    Thanks for the warm welcome ! Great to see alot of old faces still playing :)
  15. Gen

    Hey there

    Hey there ! It's been awhile since I've logged into these forums, how is everyone doing ? I'm doing great myself, just started to play COD4 again, and already kicking **s :wink: . I'm thinking about rejoining this amazing clan, but I'm not sure when.. Well.. It's great to be back ! - Flex.
  16. I keep gettin a error in my screen when I do /Devmap mp_dr_something <-- Example.
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