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  1. Happy Birthday LeMystu!

  2. With an huge delay, I wanted to wish happy birthday to the best boss ever!
  3. Happy brithday my friend !!!! Darsy said to me that he wish that he have a new computer soon, to come back and rekt u all! :D
  4. Happy Birthday LeMystu!

  5. I'm drunk since one week lol Happy new year guys :D
  6. Welcome to the nN Clan Hardwire, Glad to see you still loving this game, hope you'll get some some good moments there ! See you in game
  7. Happy birthday bro, enjoy your cake!
  8. Welcome to the nN Supremacy man! Enjoy your time here
  9. Happy birthday mate ♥ We were born the same day
  10. Hello mates, Thank you to everyone, I'm drinking many beers to celebrate it :D Cheers! :beers:
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