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    by Zodivk

    Hey i don't know how many people still remember me but thank you so much for this. I'm more focused on making music, the music i love, than gaming these days but i hope my stuff helps you pwn some noobs haha! <3 A little correction: you can check ALL of my tracks at: https://www.soundcloud.com/zodivk/tracks . Subby posted my created playlists hehe ^^ it's alright though! Thanks so much for the help on my journey, i also hope everyone is doing alright! <3
  2. Happy Birthday ZODIVK!

  3. So what do u do when everyone's better than u? :(

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    2. ZODIVK


      @Doge's on point. Definetely. I've heard people say that again, and that i'm going well with what i do. It just happens i listen to people's music and though i imagine their techniques and so on, it's so difficult to copy them. Not to sound like them, but learn more for myself. Developing your own style and not being jealous is the key i guess, besides, nobody would ever sound like me, wouldn't they?

    3. MasterYI


      i was about to write a joke but it was so dark that it could be interpreted as "yi needs therapy"

    4. ZODIVK


      i can imagine.

  4. @JillyJill WAHAHAHAHA im on that modern promod :P
  5. wtf this hack... P.S. Buy me a better pc and watch me getting quad collat's on promod SD :)
  6. Oh i remember you...i remember how shocked i was when you came to Area and told us you had a heart attack at such a young age...I'm glad that you're on a list to get a new heart. Hopefully you'll find a donor soon and the problem will be fixed! On the meantime, don't stress too much and only play when you feel like u wanna have fun. <3
  7. Aliases are interesting...Wonder if he idd was on Area... GreenoNair ( 8 x) - Shedl ( 2 x) - XaMsTeR<=>[KZ] ( 2 x) - bric_bazuka ( 1 x) - Daniel21 ( 1 x) - Frost ( 1 x) - ROMAN REIGNS ( 1 x) - San4o ( 1 x) - [AR51]Maximus ( 1 x) - SEMA ( 1 x) - Banned, thanks!
  8. lmao free listerine for life :)) happy bday enjoy ur teeth, ermm day :D
  10. yyyyyyeah...So, apparently, my first reply was as salty as the sea? Anyways, lemme get to my point without being a douche, lmao. So, though some people may like it, i find the vast collection of semi-automatic 'snipers' (cmon, it's like assault rifles) quite unneeded/annoying when a lot of players are online, because there are barely any people who would pick Remington or M40A3 or even Barret (yes, it's the only semi-automatic with a decent recoil, giving u the chance to kill its holder). I suggest we take some of them off (preferably the more, the merrier) and see how this is going...I thin
  11. ZODIVK

    Hi , Im Pepe

    hai pepeeee! Long time! <3
  12. ehehe! Long time no see! Good luck!
  13. ZODIVK

    Deathrun VIP

    Alias: cg_fovscale 1.4 Guid: 233c5d2f
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