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  1. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?
  2. Subz has the right answer! a+2=2(a-5) a+2=2a-10 10+2=2a-a 12=a
  3. I leave it to first next person that shows up here..
  4. 41....he has snickers too...lol
  5. Here we go again... JJ next?
  6. Did you know that Marco Polo brouht pasta from China to Italy?
  7. Happy B-Day! Enjoy every moment of it!
  8. Here we go again.... Subz next?
  9. Happy Birthday @Finny Enjoy your special day...
  10. Porshe Carrera 911?.....naah Subs next maybe...?
  11. Nope, It’s me..tadaaa Quick now?
  12. Happy Birthday @Dettie! Have a great one
  13. Happy B-Day @ARMO13! ...enjoy your special day!
  14. Done! Thanx for report Armo!
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