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  1. Does anyone have a /record or a demo of this? I don't want to call anyone out for the worst config of cod4 I have ever seen but I don't play on default settings, my nvidia colors are way up, my lodbiasrigid and lodbiasskinned are turned to 4. There are graphical settings in 2021 that this video is not using. I wouldn't call it hacks, it's just you can't see anything in this video because the person recording is on the worst settings I have ever seen. The explanation of these kills is I'm shooting lanes/spawns. The balcony top middle is easy to see, all of the shots that look like I'm shoo
  2. Thanks! There's only so many cod4 servers left so I appreciate the time.
  3. Your GUID : 57607686 (this is what it was way back in the day for PB, not sure now) Nickname when you were banned : Uzi Admin who banned you : Not sure, looks like I was banned when maybe not on the server? Tried to connect today for the first time in a while and was banned Why you were banned : "Wallhack" Why you think this ban should be lifted : I'm not a hacker, just a washed up competitive player who's 31 now getting older... I hop on cod4 every once in a while to relive the glory days of cod. http://www.legit-proof.com/search?m=guid&q=57607686&p=1 - here's a random lin
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