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  1. Country's situation and economy is down the hill.

    I'm busy with final exams. 3 exams left

    1. Substanz


      Good luck buddy ! Rock on !

  2. Yeah, years of watching build videos i mostly knew what i had to do. Tho my hands were shaking a bit at the start as this was my first expensive (atleast for me) build. First time i read a manual xD. Graphics card seems like will take some months atleast as i gotta save the money i have left for my page www.facebook.com/Techrpk cuz i started a side business online, computers and gym are my passion and hobby so why not xD.
  3. Fixed the ram today. Also the cooler is sideways because it pushed against the ram if anyone wondering xD Now just need to score a decent graphics card and im good to go play warzone
  4. Also ran into a problem also, as you can see the ram rgb is out of sync. I can't seem to control it through armory crate or other software , did a bit of googling but can't find the solution.
  5. Got busy with some exams and was also waiting for the cpu to arrive. Built it yesterday and did the wire management today ( it wasn't easy :3 ) Final product in the picture. Alhamdulillah <3
  6. yeah i think 2025 is when windows 10 ends, the build is windows 11 proof i think 🤔
  7. This is my new pc build thread. I will post updates here. Hey guys, I am currently building my new gaming pc. Didn't think I would be able to build one at the start of 2022 but here I am, Here are the specs finalized CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix b450-F Gaming ii CPU Cooler: Deepcool l240 v2 PSU: XPG Core Reactor 750watt Case: Lian li lancool ii mesh rgb black type c version Ram: V-color Prism pro 32 GB 3600mhz CL18 (with dummy kit) GPU: Gtx 950 2GB xD
  8. Its only March and temperature is 37C here with scorching heat. man i wanna cry 

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    2. FiNMikeZz


      i can mail u some colder air np :dog3:

    3. Roohansama


      Global shipping is most expensive right now xD

    4. Finny


      Its only june and here's +8. So enjoy your scorching heat :D

  9. How could i forget Noname anniversary is on my birthday. Happy anniversary nN|Fam !
  10. My GPU broke :(

    Press F for respects

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    2. Roohansama


      no overheating , everything normal, its either humidity or chip issue

    3. Roohansama


      it runs without drivers and with artifacts

    4. Roohansama


      Reflowed the gpu, been 3 days and working Alhamdulillah

  11. Alhamdulillah got my first mechanical keyboard, feels weird. Not cherry mx but still a nice upgrade :D

    1. Badass


      I also recently moved to mechanical, its a great keyboard. Had razer cynosa v2 before, but it broke and their customer service (needed just keys) is pretty much non-existent.

  12. Can't think of any other game to put on this list. 1. Cod 4 MW This game introduced me to and can't put a price on that. Before this game , i didnt even know we could play games with other people over the internet. 2. Rocket league I mean who even of thought of this game, playing soccer with cars xD. Its the only game i have been playing now a days. 3. Gta Sanandreas Besides all the memes, Had a lot of fun playing multiplayer. 4. Apex legends Such a unique game. The gameplay, art style is different from other fps games. Sad to see, bad servers and bug
  13. After one month of being lazy and using usb tathering for internet, finally changed my ethernet cable lol

    1. Substanz


      Hope you fixed it for good ;)

  14. Grand Theft Auto trilogy which features GTA 3, GTA Sanandread and GTA V , has officially been announced by Rockstar Games. Android and ios versions will also be available in 2022. More info in the link below. https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/3933o7ko43o839/grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-the-definitive-edition-and-more-coming-so
  15. yoo Happy Birthday @Substanz! Hope you had a good day ^^
  16. PC Building Simulator is free to keep on epic games till 14th october 2021. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/pc-building-simulator
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