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Some tips on how to catch if someone is hacking

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Crossfire has been one of the breeding grounds for hackers, high player count server, lot's of opportunity to ruin someones fun. It can be pretty hard to spot a hacker in the midst of all that chaos and from what I've seen a good amount of players being reported for let's say wallhacks aren't actually hacking. It's the shear frustration of dying over and over again from a spam of lmg wallbanging fire that make these kinds of reports. So I want to share on how I approach the situation when I come online to check the servers:


1. Observation - Sitting in spectators and keeping a keen eye on anything suspicious (tracking, movement and so on). Going from player to player, no matter if they are a regular on the server or not, take your time and observe because jumping to conclusions won't get you anywhere. It's not just observing players but also keeping an eye on kill feed for hacking activity i.e. a lot of headshots/kills from a same person in a short period of time, what weapon they use (this one is also a tell if someone is hacking but later on that). Sometimes kill feed will bug out and show just a few kills so we'll have to use something else which brings us to


2. Sound cues - When I connect I listen to the sounds of weapons being used. From my experience hackers mostly use LMG's, G3, M14, AK47, M16, P90, Deagle. And going by that fact I check those players first, mostly it ends up by catching someone having aimbot or wallhack. Also differentiate the sounds of M14 and M21, Uzi and M9, tho they sounds similar there is a slight difference in firing sounds. So when you hear a full auto weapon that's actually semi auto in game that way you'll know what to look for and immediately jump to the player using that gun,, plus keeping an eye on that kill feed may help you on finding the guy even faster.


3. Weird player names or symbols in names - Seeing a player on a player list with such name doesn't mean he's hacking but you never know, so coming online check those first you may be surprised on what you stumble upon ;). Either they are trying to make your life harder when you try to ban or search through the database or they just slam their forehead on the keyboard when creating a profile because they don't care.


4. Do more runs - I personally check each and every player for about 20-30 times, maybe one of them was clean the game before but that doesn't mean he's clean in the next one or this way you'll catch something that you may have missed before


5. Prioritize -  Getting in the game don't go straight to screaming at campers and players who insult over the chat, you have time to fry the little fish after you've done your sweep for the big gain which are aimbotters and wallers.


6. Don't hide behind your admin title - We all get power hungry sometimes and admin privileges will do that to you. It's good to know you can end someone with just a button press over a keyboard but be civil, don't get coocky. No need to flash that shiny admin badge every time when someone says "fuck" or "god dammit" over chat. When players know they have an awesome admin watching their back and making a server better place for them they will come back, and you will have their respect which makes your job a lot more easier believe me.


7. Doon't let your rage of dying cloud your judgement - this one is self explanitory, just because you died it doesn't mean everyone is hacking.

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good pointers pudzy 

LMG's, G3, M14, AK47, M16, P90, Deagle. im not using any of them anymore, so you want catch me ^^ 


These weapons do a lot of damage with deep impact on. Full auto G3 or M14 with no recoil will kill anything, deeper and more consistent penetration through walls than other ones. You don't even know how many times have I heard a deagle or M9 sidearm emptying their mags in half a second, or hearing M14 firing at 900rpm. And lo and behold when II came to the person using that crap you find no recoil+full auto and wallhack on, but I'm speaking from my experience and these ones are the most used when I catch someone.

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