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1.8 Perk restrictions

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We've introduced a new plugin to the 1.8x servers that limits perks on some of them.

You can see which perks are disabled by looking at the bottom left of your screen when you've connected to the server.


Below an overview of disabled perks.


Killhouse: Martydom, Last Stand
Nuketown: Martydom, Last Stand
SND: Martydom, Last Stand
We hope this contributes to a better experience.
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v1.1.0 published, more coming soon (gl restriction & perk fix):

* Improved display of disallowed perks and items [1]* Fixed silent error when C4 is equipped [1] can now be found in the upper left corner of your screen, under the radar

* Temporarily disabled display of disallowed perks on hardcore servers, until we have a suitable location to place them.The display of the icons will still work on non-hardcore servers.* Fixed icons not being shown for everyone
Please refer to this page to vote where the icons should appear: http://noname.zone/index.php/topic/7947-nn-perk-icons/
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