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  1. Happy Birthday RCA!

  2. Happy Birthday RCA!

  3. Happy Birthday RCA!

  4. http://i.imgur.com//eQMl87x.gif
  5. 10 January, 2018 276.42 - Aberration: Fixed issue with Powernodes not recharging when stasised. Requires server update. - Fixed issue with Queen Bee. Requires server update.
  6. 9 January, 2018 276.41 - Made Glowsticks not grindable - Fixed an animation-related server crash
  7. 7 January, 2018 276.4 - Made TheIsland Ascension properly give its Ascension Implant/Levels again
  8. 7 January, 2018 276.3 -Fix for Camera Shake slider not scaling earthquake shaking properly -Aberrant Bary eggs now properly drop (required client update). -Fixed an issue where turrets would target focus Tek Saddle projectiles but do no damage. -Fixed an issue where Heavy turrets would improperly track/spend ammo shooting Tek Saddle projectiles.
  9. 6 January, 2018 276.21 - Aberration: Fixed Battery recharging rate inaccuracy on Power Nodes - Aberration: Surface Hyper Power Nodes now recharge 2x speed (for 2x Element Crafting rate) - Aberration: Crafting an Element now gives you THREE Element items - Aberration: Endboss projectiles now target invisible rockdrakes - Aberration: Camera Shake slider now scales down the earthquake shakes (except when rock-climbing where it's critical to avoid falling!) - Aberration: Fixed various server-side map holes - Fixed several cases where you could get through the world geometry - Massively improved
  10. 23/12/2017 276.13 OPTIONAL HOLIDAY EVENT for dedicated servers available on holidayevent branch! - One-time Wild Dino respawn - 5% chance of Xmas colored creatures - 50% chance of white-colored Dire Bears - All hat-wearing wild dinos are wearing Santa hats - 12am thru 5am provides temporary buff to live connected players which boosts loot crate quality by 40% (over base values, 15% over LioMagic values), drops more loot, and adds more cosmetics to loot crate drops
  11. 22/12/2017 276.11 - Fixed several Dino collision issues. Requires Server Update. - Updated Ragnarok with several over-spawn and level-of-detail fixes. Requires Server Update.
  12. 21/12/2017 276.0 - Added Ragnarok 99%-complete expansion - Aberrant Megalosaurus now properly lay Aberrant eggs 275.53 - Fixed Zipline collision issue. Requires Server Update. - Fixed server crash with inventories.
  13. 20/12/2017 275.52 - Fixed Rock Drake aerial pounce on Aberration - Fixed Rock Drake losing forward-momentum when jumping off ground - Chain-Bola'ed Rockdrakes can no longer move while climbing and Bola'ed - Fixed Ravager getting stuck when dismounting/remounting on zipline - Fixed inability to activate weapon attachments ('N' key) - Fixed Grappling players into Tek Shield (detaches Grapple) - Fixed kiting Nameless into Fertile areas of Aberration (they'll now leave when they go underground in such areas) - Reduced rate of battery depletion in structures by 33% - Rollrats now have 20% weight
  14. 19/12/2017 275.44 - Made Wild Plant Species Z only heal, not replenish vitals, and only if not recently damaged, not handcuffed, and not a baby dino. Requires Server Update. - Fixed climbing Rock Drake not being able to damage targets. Requires Server Update. - Fixed Cavewolf getting stuck when dismounting/remounting on zipline. 275.43 - Updated localizations to include Aberration. Added new localization: Ukranian - Fixed Mac/Linux water flickering - Fixed Metal Cliff platform using Stone structure damage settings. Requires Server Update. - Fixed Cliff Platforms having 12h decay time -- no
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