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Deathrun offline.

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1.- create a server


2.- pick the mod on cod4 (choose it from a new profile coz if u play with your profile it will reset your rank).

   -then type on console /devmap mapname, 2 time coz 1st it will load another gametype and then deathrun

   -and if u want the normal speed of deathrun type /player_sprintspeedscale 1.3 or /g_speed 170.

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/g_gametype deathrun ; devmap mp_dr/deathrun_X

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:nN: http://cache.www.gametracker.com/clan/noname.zone/type-460x42_cborder-000000_ctop-000000_cbottom-484514_ctext1-F04B29_ctext2-FFE000_chighlight-FFCC00.png  :nN: 

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lol, you just linked in the path from the file explorer. kek. D:


Make sure to type in the console 'g_gametype deathrun'. After that, you can launch the map, and yeah, maybe it's corrupted. Usually that is the problem. Try to redownload it

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